The ...Italian Moosey Site!!

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The ...Italian Moosey Site!!

7 Sep '07 3:06 am
Just be proud of our Giardino!! I discovered an Italian website talking of The Gardeners of the World (Giardinieri nel Mondo)!! And, guess WHO is the best in Nuova Zelanda : Mooseys Garden!

Here: ... elanda.htm

(Oops!! I posted it in the Diaries :oops: :oops: !! Mille scuzi!!)
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Nice find, Liza.

1 Oct '07 4:46 am
Odd I replied to this post from school after checking out the Italian site at lunch a week or more ago, but it doesn't seem to have made it. Then the last time I tried to post a reply from school it wouldn't let me do it. Strange. Good find anyhow.

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Italian website

2 Oct '07 12:37 am
Too bad I can't read Italian, but it was great to see Moosey's site being recognized, and for good reason. It is the best gardening website I have ever seen, and I have checked around quite a bit.
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