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Of Bidens and Aeoniums....again!

4 Sep '07 7:37 pm
Well, it is a disgrace for me to say, that I could not understand nothing about the plant Aeonium in your gardening discussions, apart from the strong echo/sound into my ears of its Greek name -- a very special indeed: αι-'ων = ae-'on in Greek, means "century". Therefore, Aeonium = living for centuries = eternally living = immortal!! I am a gardening disgrace, and then, I opened my "House Plant Expert" book, and discovered it is a well known plant to me, much loved in Greece!! The last time I saw a lovely and tall Aeonium it was last July in the Cotswold Zoo Park of Oxford/England...It was a sort of tree Aeonium -- maybe, I search in my image files later and post it for you...

And concerning the lovely Bidens : well, it is SO much loved here in Belgium!! Every late Spring, Brussels and all little towns and villages are full of decorative hunging baskets planted with Bidens and Surfinias, especially the sky-blue ones! In my garden Bidens used to live every Summer happily, non-stop blooming until the first frosts!! Only this Summer Coreopsis took over, because I was tired of transplanting every September Bidens in pots , in order to overwinter in the glasshouse. Coreopsis needs a very good draining system, Gordon, and a quite strong root system (not a small plant) , in order to survive the Winters.. And , yes, a number of them die every Winter in my garden , too, but so many babies are growing all around them every Spring!!...I just ADORE their sunny golden colour in the garden!!But Bidens could be an adorable replacement!!

I just found the Aeonium photo :
Aeonium (Cotswold Zoo Park).jpg
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4 Sep '07 8:46 pm
How interesting that you mention this plant,as I had never heard of it till recently.
Next year is the 100th anniversary of my town -of the first council meeting.Every year we have lots of hanging baskets along the main street-For the special anniversary the baskets are to be planted in Bidens gold and lobelia midnight,so the blue and gold should look just wonderful when they are all flowering.We will be planting them in about a months time-all the flowers have been ordered.

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Bidens & Aeonium

5 Sep '07 4:22 pm
Thanks for all the info about Bidens and Coreopsis, Liza. Maybe I'll search around for it for next year!

And, Dixie - it sounds as if you're going to have a very sharp-looking town this summer!! Take a picture for us all!!




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