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9 Jun '07 7:08 am
Christopher! Have you gone back to your earliest posts to see just how much your garden has developed in little over a year! Things are looking just lovely for Debs and her Beau!!

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Regina, Saskatchewan

Pix of June 12

14 Jun '07 5:17 am
No, Jack. I haven't yet, but that is a good idea.

Well, things have been "Planting Pandemonium!" around here for the last few days. We just about have the greenhouse cleared out. Work is coming slowly on the new deck garden, but I need to make a tool that will make the setting of bricks easy as I have so many of the to set. Deb and I were establishing planters until we were blue in the face! There are still more plants to deal with, but the most desperate have been moved now.

Some are blooming too and I snapped a bunch of pix for your eager eyes to see.

I must get to the shop to make some stuff so I will have to cut this short for now.

Enjoy the pix.

Petunia Urns.jpg
Blood Leaf and Coleus.jpg
Watering Can Planter.jpg
South Side of House.jpg
Mom put in hollyhock and dwarf asters.
Pink Tower Columbine.jpg
Painted Daisy 2.jpg
Jacob's Ladder.jpg
Peach Mini Rose.jpg
This ladybug has a nice place to take a nap.
Daddy Blue Petunias.jpg
Sugar Daddy Petunia.jpg
Strawberry Ripple Geranium.jpg
Yellow Mini Rose.jpg
Chives in Bloom.jpg
Petunia Madness.jpg
Double Petunias.jpg
Newest Garden.jpg
The center part is to raised up about a foot to create a stepped effect.
South Fence Garden.jpg
Almost done. Just a few feature plants to add.
Complete At Last.jpg
East end of the south fence garden. Got the stones set and the whole thing weeded at long last!
A Gnome's at home in his garden.

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Lillooet, BC, Canada

Great Pictures!

14 Jun '07 5:14 pm
Hi, Christopher;

Great pictures of your garden with all the newly planted flowers! I loved the frilly petunias! They have such a great perfume on warm summer evenings - makes me feel sorry that I didn't get around to putting in any this year!

I sure sympathize with you about all the frantic planting to be done at this time of year where you are. I remember when I lived in northern BC where we probably had a similar climate (zone 3) how suddenly Spring arrived and how quickly it passed. Things just had to be planted during that fairly short, in-between time before the summer heat set in! And having the very long days, I used to be out there until 10 or 11 o'clock at night getting the job done! But it's worth it all when the job is complete, isn't it?

Carry on!


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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

15 Jun '07 2:04 am
Hi Christopher! Wow, you've been real busy, I can see! And your garden is progressing so beautifully - such bountiful rewards! I'm most attracted to all those gorgeous petunias in your lovely containers of various shapes and sizes! Fantastic colors! Thanks for sharing! Love those cute funny-looking puppets too - great job! :)

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Waterloo, Belgium

A new summergarden love story!

15 Jun '07 6:24 am
Chris! I am SO happy seeing again your happy and colourful garden pictures! I share every little bit of your happines!! Gorgeous pictures and garden babies! Just lovely!
"..So,perhaps, it is easiest, through awareness of flowers in particular, of their radiant beauty and purity, their vibrant colour, to come to the excellence of the One and be uplifted beyond thought to our divine selves".Dorothy Maclean

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15 Jun '07 6:50 am
Your garden is buzzing,Christopher!The watering can planter is cute.
The newest garden with the raised bit looks interesting,and I am wondering what is going to happen there.A climber at the back perhaps?Miniature roses are gorgeous,but I have trouble with the possums chewing the young shoots of mine.

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Berkeley, California, USA

Beautiful transformation!

15 Jun '07 4:55 pm
Hi Chris,

I've often thought of your greenhouse bursting with plants ready to go in the ground while you wait out one more freeze after the next. I feel like I'm watching a time-lapse botanical film watching your garden fill up. So many beauties! I'm not familiar with bloodleaf but I intend to find out more. The painted daisy is a very snazzy color combo. I really like the Pink Tower Columbine. And I appreciated seeing what a Jacob's Ladder flower looks like. I've grown the variegated polemonium (sp?) but it never bloomed for me in the two seasons I managed to keep it alive. The view down the picket fence is great and I like the rock border. I've never been a petunia fan but your window box is really nice. I'm going to start noticing them more now.

Looking goooood!
Mark in California

Q: "Do you ever sit down?"
A: "All the time until the urge to 'play' some more becomes too strong."

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Regina, Saskatchewan

Summer has arrived

24 Jun '07 6:32 pm
It was too hot today to go outside! The Humidex was over 35c. I managed to get the new deck garden on the way.

The other day mom, Deb and I had a real nice time when we went to the outskirts of the town to visit Plant Ranch, a nursery with the most beautiful plants. We picked some real beauties and mom picked out 2 beautiful rose bushes. They are planted in the outside corners of our new garden. I'll post pix of them soon. But now I have recent pix to share.

Enjoy, my friends.

rainy day in the garden.jpg
new toy for Chris.jpg
Just needs a motor. My friendly neighbourhood junk man gave this to me for $10. Sweeeeeet!
the first dahlia.jpg
poppies don't like rain.jpg
soaked poppie.jpg
emptying greenhouse.jpg
A Gnome's at home in his garden.


Re: Puppet Job Done!

24 Feb '09 1:23 pm

I've lost your contact info and apparently can't figure out how to PM you. SGI is looking to add to their puppet shows with a bike puppet! PM me with your contact info (if you're interested) and I'll pass it on to them!



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