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Mystery Flower

23 May '07 1:40 pm
Hi, Christopher;

Loved your video of the mouse release! They certainly WERE cute, eh? And I'm glad you released them rather than killing them! :)

As for your mystery plant, could it be a Doronicum or Leopard's Bane? Looks like one to me, although I've never grown them and I'm not sure when they bloom (I know it's early in the season, though).

I see that you folks have a window box filled with geraniums; so do I! They are so showy and easy to grow! I'll try to post a picture of mine on my thread so you can see them. They're still pretty small, though!



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Regina, Saskatchewan

Puppet Job Done!

30 May '07 11:45 am
Yep, the gnome has some new friends.

These puppets were made for our local provincial insurance corporation to help them teach kids about child seat safety. To be presented in elementary schools.

Not garden oriented, but I thought you would like to see.

mom checks the kid.jpg
mom takes off.jpg
who needs a car seat.jpg
emergency stop.jpg
sonny boy.jpg
A Gnome's at home in his garden.

Gone to seed
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Hamilton, New Zealand

30 May '07 1:51 pm
How absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the expression on sonny boy's face. :D

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Regina, Saskatchewan

A gray day

7 Jun '07 4:42 am
It's overcast today. I'm just having my coffee before I head out side. Things have been quite busy around here for some days now. There is a new garden in the works that will be in front of the new deck. I'll get pix today.

Running around doing everything these days. This is my favorite time of year because we are still leading up to the summer solstice and the days are getting longer all the rime. After June 21 then I feel like we are slipping back in to winter again.

I'll have pix of stuff real soon.

A Gnome's at home in his garden.

Jack Holloway
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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa

Christopher does it again!

8 Jun '07 3:31 am
Loved the puppets, Christopher :P And am watching out for posts on garden project developments (the grotto etc.) and garden progress (the flowers etc.) :)

I always think of you northerners at solstice time. Here (being close to the tropic of Capricorn) it is no big deal: nearly mid-winter but at 5.30 it is still almost daylight, and when I leave for work at 7.15 the sun is shining, if not on me (ho-hum tiddly-dum). Conversely we of course don't have your wonderful long summer evenings, with midsummer darkness happening at about 8pm (and no daylight saving :cry:) Enjoy the last days of summer stretching...

Faith S
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Alabama, USA

Missed so much

8 Jun '07 5:07 am
Wow Christopher, I have missed so much lately. I enjoyed your video about the mouse release, but I have to say that they looked more like baby rats to me. Believe me, I know rats because we get them in our horse barn every winter. When I go in and turn on the lights for the morning feeding, they scurry around up in the rafters. I hate to admit that I have to put out poison to kill them or else they would overrun the barn.

It's a good thing you discovered them in that waste basket. They probably would have perished very quickly in there with no food or water.

All the plants in your greenhouse look so organized and well tended. You should see my greenhouse in early spring, what a mess! Overwintering plants have dropped dead foliage everywhere, ants have usually set up house for the winter in some of the large pots and scattered soil all over and are scurrying around (especially when the pots are watered) and I have seedlings in every available spot. I almost don't have room to fit myself in when doing the daily watering routine. I am very impressed with your neatness.

I also love the puppets. By the way, how is Dixie's fairy puppet coming along? You have been so busy that I don't know if you have even found a spare moment to work on it, but I am still interested.
Faith at Bide-a-Wee Farm, Alabama, USA

Come abide with me a wee while.

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Coatesville , New Zealand

8 Jun '07 9:32 am
Great work GardenGnome, Im sure they will do a wonderful job in getting the message across to the kids and parents.

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.-
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Regina, Saskatchewan

Fun with plants

8 Jun '07 12:27 pm
Jack, Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada and the only place in north America (as far as I know) that does not have Daylight Savings Time. No re-setting of the clocks around here. Every now and then the politicians debate changing, but the local populace has always said "NO!"

Faith, Our greenhouse is so small that I have to keep it tidy in order to get Deb's wheelchair in there. She gets right upset when stuff gets in her way. #-o As for Dixie's fairy, I have it mapped out on the wood now and next is to cut it out. It's all in the mix.

The mix is the mix of jobs I have on my plate these days. June has arrived with a bustle of activity and I have some pix to share.

Then it's back outside again until dark.

exploding greenhouse.jpg
It's high time these babies found a home out in the yard.
Bedroom window box.jpg
I didn't know that petunias had ears. Can you see them?
Percy Peeking.jpg
That's where the ears go. He loves to hide and the flowers work well.
"Plant me please!"
Double Madness Petunia.jpg
So unusual. the kitchen window box is full of these doubles.
Dragonfly decoration.jpg
New friend for the garden.
Lava Rose trailing coleus.jpg
One of Deb's new favorites. Going in the center of the new garden.
New Garden area.jpg
Oh yes, the new garden is defined by pink paint in this pic.
North Fence garden.jpg
You can see where this garden was enlarged by the new bricks on the right side.
Lovely big hanging basket full. This is our first bloom. From seed.
Front flowerbed (Mom's Garden).jpg
Bleeding heart in the lower corner.
old lady rose.jpg
Our grand old lady is looking sweet.
Stargazer Dahlias.jpg
New location for the big planters (just for this year).
A Gnome's at home in his garden.

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Berkeley, California, USA

Thanks for the photo tour!

9 Jun '07 12:38 am
I can tell you have a lot of pans on the fire. You've obviously been busy and have gotten a lot done. The front bed looks fully loaded and ready to pop. I'll bet you have pretty long daylight hours in summer and plants grow faster than normal. Seems like fitting compensation for a shorter growing season.

The picture of Percy at the window reminds me of one of my unfinished projects. Currently I have no windows into my garden from our old warehouse. The room I use as an office and a dog kennel is on the second floor at the far end of the building. I hope soon to put in a couple of french doors that will look down into my garden. I hope one day soon my dogs can lounge around gazing out the windows into the garden too.
Mark in California

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A: "All the time until the urge to 'play' some more becomes too strong."

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Waikato-New Zealand

window box

9 Jun '07 6:39 am
Yes,I spotted the ears in the window box! Cute! I love the colour combination in the window box-the freshness of the cream petunias look lovely with the lavender/pink.


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