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Garden Gnome's 2007 Garden Adventures

11 Apr '07 6:28 am
Hello, my friends. Welcome to my garden. Spring has arrived, although it is snowing today, but the Weather Weenies promise the temp will warm up soon and we can all go outside to breathe fresh air again. Last week it warmed up enough for us to get a taste of the springtime, but temps fluctuate a lot here on the bald prairie at this time of year.

Last fall I was in a mad rush to build a storage shed in the back yard before the frozen cold set in. I did, but it has left the poor yard in an awful mess. Alphonse just shakes his head. All the roses we had last summer were in the greenhouse all winter, so it will be interesting to see how many (if any) come back. Last summer I bought a 10 pound bag of bird seed to keep our new feeder stocked. Not thinking, I left it on the floor in the greenhouse only to find that I have been inadvertently feeding the wild mice all winter. Quite the pile of empty seed husks next to the bag. I told Deb this and she laughed. She is so pleased to have fed the little wild miceys all winter. Deb has a great love for all animals.

Last November a storm tore the plastic roof off the greenhouse and so I had to throw a tarp over it to keep out the snow. First thing I did was to replace the plastic roof last week and clean out all the debris that had collected over the winter. It sure is nice having the greenhouse right outside the back door.

So this year we have lots of plans for the yard. I will outline things in future posts. Soon as we get outside when things warm up things will start shakin'.

In the meantime, here are some resent pix.

Christopher the Garden Gnome :)
The planting.jpg
Planting day is always a special day around here. Lots of talk about things to be and dreams tucked in with the seeds.
mom inspects.jpg
A wish and a prayer and mom says, "That should do."
first seeds up.jpg
These are the first seedlings to be transplanted. The gangley ones are nasturtiums and the others are dahlias.
I can have house plants all winter.jpg
magenta mini rose.jpg
The new brood.
varigated mini rose.jpg
I just love this one.
Weebles in greenhouse 2.jpg
The greenhouse gets a proper inspection.
A Gnome's at home in his garden.

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Waikato-New Zealand


11 Apr '07 6:36 am
A great Scottish saying ,Christopher ,Debbie and Mom "May the wee mousie ne'er leave your pantry wi' a tear in his eye "
I can remember a pile of rescued timber in your yard last year -Is it starting to take shape into something new ?
Your rose looks stunning .I planted some miniature roses this summer and really love them .Unfortunately the possums do too and they keep stripping them of all flowers and leaves .
Hi to Alphonse !

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Regina, Saskatchewan

Today's note.

14 Apr '07 5:16 am
Well, Yesterday I went to the Re-Store, a store that recycles building materials and salvaged stuff. I went there for a piece of glass. You see, Deb has taken up working with polymer clay and she has plans to make her own beads for her beading hobby. Anyway, While I was there, I noticed a huge lot next door full of rubble from brick buildings, like a dump site for old bricks. There was a big machine parked on top of one of the piles. while I was in the Re-Store I asked the clerk what was up with the bricks. He said they were being removed to the landfill. I asked and yes, I could have all I wanted for FREE! YES!

So I rushed home and got my wheelbarrow and gloves and returned to pick and load some 170 bricks. Today I hope to get another load. I'm planning a new raised flowerbed for Deb. Should look neat with bricks of all different colors.

I also scrounged some old re-bar for concrete reinforcement. I am putting a cement slab about 16 feet square in the back yard and this stuff will come in handy for that and save a few bucks.

Deb bought me a really nice book on working with stone in the garden, so I hope to go to some farms close to the city here and scrounge some rocks.

I'm getting ahead of myself. I will work up my list of things to do and post it soon.

If the Weather Weenies are right then things should warm up from here on, so I can move things in to the greenhouse real soon. And that's good because I can hardly move for plants right now. :roll:

More soon.

A Gnome's at home in his garden.

Jack Holloway
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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa

Hello my friends!

15 Apr '07 8:22 pm
Hello Christopher!

It is good to have you and Debs back on a regular basis, and get to know her mom a bit better. Not to mention Weebles, who along with Moosey's cats is making me ever more cat broody... I nearly applied to adopt her grey kitten!

gardening consultant
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Waterloo, Belgium

16 Apr '07 1:18 am
Chris, it is So heart-warming reading your news and thoughts again!! I enjoyed the photos with Deb and Mom, and your babies, that are being prepared for a Spring and Summer garden!!
"..So,perhaps, it is easiest, through awareness of flowers in particular, of their radiant beauty and purity, their vibrant colour, to come to the excellence of the One and be uplifted beyond thought to our divine selves".Dorothy Maclean

zuzu's petals
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Coastal N.Carolina

I've got brick envy ~

16 Apr '07 3:12 am
Yup, that's the truth, :mrgreen: I'm consumed with brick envy!

Hello Christopher,
Really pleased to meet you and your lovely family, :D newbie here.
I'm slowly catching up, taking in the news and developments of each garden,
thank you for allowing me to visit with you.

I sense a kindred spirit in your Deb. I, too, have a weak spot in my heart
for all the wee beasties who visit and live in our garden.
Feeding meese-es is right up my alley. I suppose that I feel just a bit
less guilty about displacing them from their natural homes, when I see
that they have found a way to turn our presence to their advantage.

I can't wait to see all of those little seedlings growing happily in your garden,
and your fantastic find, :) those bricks, of course.
~~*~~ zuzu ~~*~~

"Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are."
~ Alfred Austin ~

head gardener
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23 Apr '07 9:51 am
When I got given a load of bricks, just recently, I did something extremely silly with them! Good luck with your bricks Christopher, and don't be too sensible now! Things given can be such fun. Great to have you popping back up - springing back into action like many of your plants! Cheers.
Head Gardener

Gone to seed
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Hamilton, New Zealand

23 Apr '07 8:20 pm
I'm quite taken with your mini varigated rose. I don't suppose you know her name? :)

Happily Toiling Away
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Regina, Saskatchewan

26 Apr '07 11:13 am
No I'm sorry, Anna. They are just sold as "4 inch Rose", but we would like to know what their names are. We buy them at the local Safeway when we pick up our groceries.

That variegated was my choice. \:D/

A Gnome's at home in his garden.

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Lillooet, BC, Canada

Miniature Rose

26 Apr '07 7:11 pm
Hi, Anna and Christopher;

I was just looking about into some of the places I haven't visited before and came across your discussion about miniature roses with red and white striped flowers. Well, I have one called, "Climbing Roller Coaster", which is supposed to grow to about 4 feet high, although mine has never topped 2 feet so far. Anyway, I thought that if there is a "Climbing Roller Coaster", then there should be a "regular" one as well. Perhaps that's a name to look for.




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