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Berkeley, California, USA

Awww, now that looks like an inviting place to be.

19 Apr '07 4:21 pm
That picture with the snow outside was just the image I had imagined. It must be wonderful to have this place where you can work with soil and plants while all around all is frozen.

I wonder if the day length still shuts down plant growth. Do you lengthen the day with lights?

Hey, Gordon, I've been to Vancouver Island back in 1987. We took the ferry from Seattle to Naimano (sp?) and then drove across the island and north to Tofino. Beautiful, though the clear cutting in places is startling. From there we took an indian 'ferry' (open 6-seater outboard) to Hot Spring Cove. Have you guys been there? Very special. Back then you could camp right at the spring, which we did. I'll never forget how awful my tea tasted in the morning made with that sulfery water. But so beautiful with the hot water spilling over a 9 foot falls and through a series of pools before dissapearing through tide pools into the ocean. Move toward the ocean for cooler, upstream for hotter. The only one there with us was a young Brit who had the good sense to bring beer and the generosity to share it.
Mark in California

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Lillooet, BC, Canada


19 Apr '07 5:49 pm
Hi, Mark;

While I've been to Tofino, I've never been to Hot Spring Cove, but it sure sounds great! That girl you mentioned must have been an Islander :D , because everyone here knows that beer is always welcome!!

If you ever get the chance to return and have the time, try to get to Bella Coola, on the mid-coast. Drive if you can; while it's a long way from Vancouver, it's worth the effort when you finally descend the 14-mile-long hill into the Bella Coola valley and see it below, flat-bottomed and narrow, with waterfalls on both sides. In winter, there's only one small spot, about 1/4 mile long, where the sun gets over the mountains in December. I'm told that some folks drive out from town just to get a glimpse of the sun there!! But the whole place is so beautiful in summer!!


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Ontario Canada Zone 4a

Re: What do you use for fuel?

20 Apr '07 11:25 am
gordonf wrote:Hi, Cerwin-

Wonderful pictures! What are the tall ones in the first picture (I think)? Cleomes?

And how do you heat your greenhouse - gas, oil, wood or what? And where in Ontario are you?

Keep the pictures coming!! :D


yes they are Cleomes "Rose Queen" is the varriety.

I heat the GH with both oil and wood wood durring the day and oil at nights depending on the weather.

I am near both Guelph and Milton Ontario About an hour from Toronto.

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Ontario Canada Zone 4a

20 Apr '07 11:31 am
No I do not exstend the day with lights in most cases. But it will slow plant growth and delay flowering of things like petunias but as the days get longer and we get more sun it all works out fine.


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