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Elegy to Autumn

3 Jun '07 9:55 am
June. Autumn is officially over. In fact, it has been jolly cold the last two weeks or so.

So: a time of farewells then.

Also, I'm not going to be around much for the next six weeks. In fact not till spring. I'm into end-of-term, then Europe, then the school production. Mid September I will surface. Till then I will steal moments, rather than spend hours. But I thought I would share a last few photos, all taken today.

And give you a glimpse of the winter-forum project: a history of my garden.
En nog is het einde niet.JPG
Acer buergerianum.JPG
Autumn carpet.JPG
Open veldt where my house is now - about 1980.JPG

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Berkeley, California, USA

Nice to see the older pictures.

3 Jun '07 10:21 am
Jack, have a great trip. I have two more weeks before school is out. No big trips this year. It may be the first summer in a while that we've been around when the plums ripen. Now if we can just talk the squirrels out of a few.
Mark in California

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Lillooet, BC, Canada

All the best for the holidays!

3 Jun '07 6:18 pm
Hi, Jack;

Have a great break! We'll miss you, but then, spring will come just in time for me to begin sending you MY autumn pictures!

I loved your picture, "Autumn Coda" - so very peaceful!

All the best!



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