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Yippeeee!!! Yaaaaay, Moosie!!!!!!!

20 Mar '07 7:15 pm
You are my inspiration!! Found fellow to clear (literally!) all of the volunteer 1" diameter hackberry trees and take out a failing peachtree at the corner of the house~~~all of this is on the west side of house~~~Friday a week ago. Fortunately his 16-year old son works for quite a bit less, and will help me turn over and amend the soil. Am going to take a somewhat leisurely approach as to what will go into this bed, except for my escalating iris population and roses needing to be permanently placed. Said roses are currently in humongous pots (24").

Even more hurrahs today! Dear hubby helped me re-situate two roses. For Valentine's Day, 2004, himself gave me a baker's dozen of bare root roses, how's that for the gift that keeps on giving! So. Had to remove antique one (whose name totally escapes cognitive process at this time, bleh) which has been in continuous culture since the thirteenth century from the driveway bed because she only blooms in the spring, unlike the five other ladies. Gave that hole to poor, struggling but valiant "Ambridge" rose who blooms a lush, gorgeous apricot cabbage rose, and she will now thrive in that spot. At least, that's what I have planned. Transfered antique rose to it's new home by my porchswing-with-its-own-wee-roof, the commencement of more doings later! Whew! I be happily tired.

Boy. Leave it to the weatherman to not rain on my parade. We were to get three days of rain commencing Wednesday night, oh so sorely needed. Sigh. Systems have discombobulated more to the north, chances of us getting anything now at 20-30%. Oh well, am well-practiced at impersonating a cloud.

Thanks to you, again, my Lady Moosey!
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21 Mar '07 2:47 am
What a report from you riobrazos. I am happy that you are so happy with your progress. Keep us posted and try to send some pictures as well of all those new roses.
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23 Mar '07 3:24 pm
Lady Moosey - that has a mature, wise, ring to it! I like it! I love your rose and iris plans.
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Grandview, Texas

Thank you,

24 Mar '07 3:05 am
Lady Moosey and Faith. Didn't take pics when it was Tarzanaville, but will do so and get hubband to show me how to get them posted. Happy Spring! Except. Are you headed into fall in NZ?
"To see a world in a grain of sand, And heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour."

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8 Apr '07 12:09 am
Lady Moosey?!!!!! :) LOL

please don't encourage my mother :) I'm still waiting for a cease and desist letter from Martha Stewart's lawyers after self styled Moosey Living article...

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