Hello everyone!

Lesley Vassiliou
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Athens, Greece

Hello everyone!

4 Oct '06 11:24 pm
What an interesting and friendly site! I discovered it quite by accident and couldn't resist joining. It is such a well-constructed site and truly international! Loads of new friends and a great place for sharing ideas and tips and getting much needed advice!
I'm an ex-pat Aussie living in Greece for the past 35 years. My garden is rather typical for Greece i.e. loads of geraniums and oleanders and anything else that is easy-care. The garden is a haven for many different types of birds and of course our beloved Chloe, the dog and Kitkit, the cat, both having been rescued off the street years ago, and the most loyal and loving creatures you could hope to find!
Congratulations Moosey on your wonderful site and thank you! =D>

gardening consultant
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Waterloo, Belgium

Hi, Leslie!

5 Oct '06 12:30 am
And welcome!! I am Greek living many years in Belgium , coming here from Athens, having been born in Corfu(Kerkyra). I guess, your garden and pets, are SO happy -- and lucky !-- to meet you, too! How are you feeling regarding the stray (abandoned/orphans ) animals in Greece?? What is the current approach of the State and everyday people over there concerning this major subject/problem? I hope/wish it has ameliorated over the recent two decades.... I hope and wish.....

Leslie!t would be great to present us your beloved pets in the Animals Section of the Forum! I mean , accompanied by some lovely photos...
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Slowly Learning Gardener
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Kent, England

Welcome Lesley!

5 Oct '06 10:30 pm
Welcome to the forum :D

You're completely right about this forum, everyone is so friendly and encouraging so I hope you enjoy your time here as much as we all do :)

And I second Liza's request to see lots of pictures of your lovely animals, plus some of your garden too!

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A heart that cannot harden
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Jack Holloway
Passionate Gardener
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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa

Welcome, Lesley!

6 Oct '06 8:00 pm
Welcome to the forum, Lesley. Wish you many happy hours and much sharing of thoughts, experiences and pictures!


head gardener
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9 Oct '06 8:57 am
Welcome, Lesley. Hope you visit lots, and enjoy. Send us some pix of your garden!
Head Gardener

Happily Toiling Away
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Regina, Saskatchewan

Welcome, Lesley.

11 Oct '06 6:30 am
I know I feel the same way. My wife calls me "her Moose" and one day she came across this site while Googling the word moose. We had a laugh and I joined.

Now I always come here every day to see what's shakin'. :D

Christopher the Garden Gnome
A Gnome's at home in his garden.

Thankful Gardener
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hello Lesley!

13 Oct '06 10:57 pm
and WELCOME!! :) and join in the fun of sharing and receiving!! :wink:

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