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Southern Denmark

Hej from Gerry in Southern Denmark

3 Aug '06 5:31 am
Just to introduce myself -- I am an English pensioner now living in South West Jutland, Denmark. I inherited 1000 sq meters of old and overgrown garden which has taken me over three years to clear and clean. Several very large trees have had to come down as have a large number of straggling shrubs. This phase is all but over and the sun and air can now circulate freely. The soil is very sandy and not moisture retentive so my next job is to bulk up the soil, to this end I am casting about for an english speaking farmer who is willing to part with dung. (I hesitate to use my embryonic language skills in this instance!) I compost every conceivable piece of vegetable waste and bring some seaweed up from the fjord water line on occasion. We have a late start to our spring but otherwise I notice but few differences. My aim is to create a garden with a lot of colour and smell and to propogate any plant where the full name is known to me. Must go out and water my plants now !!!

Happily Toiling Away
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Regina, Saskatchewan

Welcome Gerry.

3 Aug '06 2:18 pm
It sounds like you have your work cut out for you. I hope you are able to get a camera and take some photos of your garden for us all to see.

Have yourself a cup of tea and take a look around this forum. It's a swell place to be.

A Gnome's at home in his garden.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi Gerry.....

3 Aug '06 9:41 pm
and welcome! Looking forward to read more of your garden and please post photos too, if you can to complement your writings.

Jack Holloway
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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa

Welcome, Gerry!

14 Aug '06 7:27 pm
Welcome, Gerry - it sounds like there is a huge amount you can contribute to the forum! You've already given welcome and sensible advice (on climbers) and your setting sounds magical - and no less exotic to me in Africa than mine must be to you! It is wonderful to share one's plans, experiences, achievements and failures with like-minded folks around the world - and in the process create a permanent record of one's own.

Keep posting!


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