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Canterbury, New Zealand

1 Jul '06 11:16 pm
Hello jacqueline, how is beautiful KL? I spent 8 months working there a few years back - the year the twin towers were completed and they were rumoured to be filming James Bond! Loved it.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur

2 Jul '06 8:33 pm
Hi Helen, Kuala Lumpur is still as beautiful as ever, though I think our city is now getting a bit overcrowded with immigrant workers who flock to it, especially during their week-end off-days and public holidays to catch up with their countrymen. I truly sympathise with these people who have to leave their families and homes (sometimes as long as 3 years or more) to slog for a better future for their loved ones. :(
We've been experiencing a hot and dry weather with no rain at all since a week ago, it'll be good for gardening though!

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Canterbury, New Zealand

11 Jul '06 12:54 pm
Unfortunately I'm having to remove most of the huge flaxes :cry: we have a digger coming tomorrow to wrench them from their resting places. Having spent 4 days with a bread knife trying to salvage them I've had to admit defeat, but I think that once they're out the creative juices will be flowing and I'll be in heaven planning the new layout and buying new plants :lol:

If anyone in the Canterbury area wants some flax plants I shall probably have about 50 or so once they've been yanked out as they are growing on top of one another as well as rooted into the ground!!

Any takers? No? Thought not... :wink:

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I Understand

11 Jul '06 6:09 pm
I understand about those flaxes. If they're old their root stumps will be ghastly to get out, without mechanical help. Today I operated on one of my 'originals' with a small kitchen steak knife and the axe. Bit of a hoot, it worked, but I wouldn't do it again!

I think that you'll have a wonderful time planning and planting the new garden. The species flaxes are so bulky - you'll be amazed at how much more space you'll have! Photographs, please!

We are thinking of taking our flax remains to the main dump - burning them is hopeless, shredding them is impossible, dumping them here is silly as Rusty the dog keeps grabbing pieces, racing around like a loonie then leaving them on the lawns. Disaster for the mower! Seems a stupid thing to do, waste space at the dump if you know what I mean!

Good luck with the digger! And I love your writing column and your blogs. I enjoyed reading about Brisbane! Anywhere which is hotter than here has instant appeal? Soooo glad you enjoyed thr shopping mall....
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Canterbury, New Zealand

12 Jul '06 8:52 am
No, Moosey, I did not enjoy the malls! I used to work on the Kings Road in London and was a total shopaholic until we moved to Scotland and I found my new faith, gardening....

Anyway - pics. I've just been out and taken some of the poor, crushed flax monsters - see below. I'll post more after they've been ripped out!

Moosey - thankfully the digger guy (got him from and ad in the Malvern News) will be taking the rubbish away.[/img]
IMG_1722 (Medium).JPG
IMG_1723 (Medium).JPG
IMG_1724 (Medium).JPG

valued helper
Canterbury, New Zealand

They're all gone!

12 Jul '06 3:13 pm
Well, it's now 15.05 on the same day as the above pics were taken and now they're ALL GONE!! AARRGGHHHH!!! I really hope I've done the right thing - the whole front of the house looks like a bombs hit!

Here are the "after" pics!
IMG_1743 (Medium).JPG
IMG_1730 (Medium).JPG
IMG_1744 (Medium).JPG

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Coatesville , New Zealand

15 Jul '06 9:41 am
Im sorry to hear you felt the flaxes had to come out, Im sure they would have recovered just as mine did. But having said that, seeing the pics with them gone I think you now have a great opportunity to put in some lovely softer looking shrubs and perennials.It will be fun choosing. Have you decided what your going to put in yet :?:

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.-
Ralph Waldo Emerson

valued helper
Canterbury, New Zealand

15 Jul '06 4:35 pm
To be honest Goose, the fact we knew that sometime in the next 12 months they'd have needed drastic surgery and that we did tend to swear at them as we drove out the drive to a "nails down a blackboard" sound along the side of the car... they're days were pretty much numbered - but there's just something about yanking out established plants that makes me feel a little sad.. ho hum, deed done.

I've been sat staring at the blank spaces today trying to figure out what to do. I've secured 20 lavender plants (3 yrs old) to fill in the space under the stairs as that will send nice relaxing waft up to the office (the tower) and will be easy to keep and a nice big splash of colour in the drive....

But the other blank space (where the young cabbage tree is) needs some thought and I need to delve into the annals of native plants to see what would look fab stood alone - something big, impressive, colourful and not a tree... I've got toooo many trees (if that is possible).

Would love to hear some suggestions - what would YOU put in a nice big entranceway??? It gets sun most of the day but also has to cope with wind as the nor'wester can creep in the driveway sometimes... not drastically, and it's quite dry here (normally!).



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