Regents Park visit

Maxi Helder

Regents Park visit

6 Jun '06 1:57 am
Hello Moosey, Thank you Thank you for your wonderful description of your England visit
Nostalgia - - Nearly 84 years ago I was born at Regents Park ( Primrose Hill side) and grew up with the Park as my playground . Your vivid descriptions and photos brought back so many memories to me. A walk through the Broad Walk in the summerto Queen Mary's Rose garden was a weekly event ,and oh the beauty and the scent - sorry you were too early.From babyhood Sunday afternoons were spent watching the cricket or listening to the Band.
Strange - they always seemed to be sunny !Another joy for a child was walking along past the Zoo animals that you could see for free. I loved the photos especially the May blossom - we kids used to collect the caterpillars which were there in abundance.
The trip on Regents Canal was not possible then as it was still used for the tugs which were pulled by horses on the sidepath. The canal passes my church (St Marks) which now has a pretty little garden down to the canal . Camden Town was our main big shopping area,- a little bit rough but good shops. I was nursing throughout the war and afterwards my parents retired and moved away. Everywhere was a bit of a mess from rubbish and damage and lack of tender loving care. I have lived in Holland for 35 years - therefore I was delighted when I went back for a visit about eleven years ago to find so much has been restored and the park is once more a joy to visitors.
Thank you once again. You mentioned Chrischurch Botanical Gardens. I have a dear friend there, Pat Whitman, who is now one of the guides who escorts visitors round.
I look forward to your monthly newsletter, Maxi :D :D

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9 Jun '06 5:39 pm
Maxi, what an amazing post! I fear my writing was rather flippant, but I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I couldn't get over the fact that there was nobody there - all those iconic green deckchairs, piled up in the rain, with no-one to hire them! And one thing I didn't mention in the article - I made a beeline for the ladies toilet first, just by Queen Mary's Garden - a large West Indian man was lurking - sheltering? in there, it gave me rather a fright! It's silly the little things one remembers, isn't it - so often the quirky details.

Thank you so much for writing with your own special memories! Cheers.
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