Hi I'm Claire


Hi I'm Claire

12 May '06 12:46 am
Hello I'm claire from Aberystwyth in Wales!! i found this site when i was trying to look up what seedlings of Beetroots look like!! This is my first year of properly trying to grow nice plants and veggies and i'm finding it hard to tell which are seedlings i've planted and which are actually weeds coming back!!! so it was nice to stumble onto this site and find piccies that someone had posted on this site who also wasn;t sure if they were beetroot seedlings or not!! but they must b or we have the same type of weeds!!!

So i'd just like to say thanx for this site to the creaters and the participants :D !!!!

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Welcome Claire

12 May '06 8:09 am
Nice to meet you Claire, welcome to the Moosey site. Have you any pix you could put up of your growing garden? Love to see some! Weeds - humph! Pictures of weeds are also welcome - as long as you promise to do the 'before and after' views!

Welcome again, and happy gardening
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22 May '06 9:37 pm
Hello Claire,
Did you find out what beetroot plantlets look like? If not, I can send you a foto of ours.

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Photographing Weeds

23 May '06 8:08 am
Hi Claire and welcome to the moosey forums.

When I lived at Mooseys Country Garden I used to enjoy finding and photographing weeds to wind up and shame the head gardener :) A weeding / weed photographing battle started with Moosey and I chasing weeds and each other around the garden, hoes and cameras in hand. Moosey coined the term 'Garden Paparazzi' shortly afterwards!

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Jack Holloway
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23 May '06 9:41 pm
This is the sort of juicy information that teaches more than a thousand gardening words about what makes the HG and the WM tick! :lol:

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