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May Newsletter

2 May '06 11:59 am
Hi, Moosey. So nice to read all your latest garden doings in this month's newsletter. My choice of favourite photos would have to be a) the white arabis & anemona blanda (I love collecting blue flowers.), and b) the chocolate box, with the beautiful fall foliage and the rosy sky patterns reflected in the water. (It sure is 'eye candy' to me.) Moosey, your fall garden is lovely as usual and I really enjoyed seeing it again. Have a happy fall. Cheers. Jo-Anne

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2 May '06 12:19 pm
Hi Jo Anne,
Great to hear from you. An I hope that garden of yours is looking good and full of spring colour. I love the two opposite seasons, and Liza's colours in her photographs are quite amazing. IT's all burnished, dull reds, and mellow colours in that garden of mine - though I did fnd a patch of - Nerines? being incredbly pink and bright over the water race. I'm scared to mention them too much - we call them 'Naked Ladies', and one can just imagine a gardener dong such a google search. Eek!

Remember I'll be over to see you middle-late September - it seems an age away, but time will zoom past, I know. I am so looking forward to catching your autumn colours! And now, I need to get into that garden out there, and do some more cleaning up. I have some pots of new perennials to plant - the question is - Where? Ha! Don't you know that feelng?

Cheers, keep well, and happy gardening
Head Gardener

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