April Newsletter

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Ontario, Canada

April Newsletter

11 Apr '06 3:26 pm
Hi, Moosey. We're entering our spring here in Canada as you begin your fall season and I can only hope that my garden is as lovely as yours by the time we have fall here too. So far we only have snowdrops and crocuses blooming but the daffodils and tulips will be flowering in a couple of weeks. So glad to hear that your first outing with the local Garden Club ladies was such a success. We have an annual garden tour called Tiptoe Through the Tulips which raises money for local charities, by charging people to drive around and tour of ten pre-selected gardens. The local Garden Club makes their selections based on gardens nominated by locals gardeners. Each year several hundred people turn out for this one day event, the gardens are wonderful and offer great ideas for other gardeners to try for themselves.

Congrats to Tiger on the MVP contest. What a sweetie! Sorry to hear that Rusty spent time in the doghouse penalty box for roughing up the Head Gardener. Hope your eye suffered no longlasting damage, Moosey, and that he's been let out and you're doing better now too.

I remember the first pic you showed of the Birthday Rose Garden and I'm very pleased to see it looking so wonderful now. What a wonderful gift it's turned out to be.

Hope those cute young ewes managed to lure Charles out of his hedge hideaway. LOL

Thanks again for a lovely newsletter visit from your part of the world, Moosey. All the best from Canada, Cheers. Jo-Anne

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