To whomever took those photos

3 Mar '06 8:26 am
This morning I cried. I found your website and those photos almost brought me to tears. Thank You.

Now Smiling,


garden enthusiast
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Waikato-New Zealand

to Samantha

3 Mar '06 9:47 am
I am so very glad that I found this website, too, Samantha.Everyone is so lovely, funny, and positive.
Your little note was very moving --keep smiling today--
Dixie (NZ)

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Camberwell, London

Thank you!!

14 Mar '06 3:17 am
What fantastic feedback, Samantha, thank you. Tho I'm glad you're smiling now :)

I wonder which photos in particular you like? Or just all of them?! I always say it's one of the 'perks of the job', messing about with such lovely photos every day. Transports me to a place of nature and beauty. Yum!

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Wiltshire, England

Garden Pictures

4 Aug '06 2:32 am
i am so pleased to find this site - i have been faithfully recording a digital diary of my garden over the last 5 1/2 yrs which was a rough sloping 1/4 acre site that had been hardly touched for 30 years! i will upload some images to show progress in the near future and look forward to making lots of garden friends on line

my garden is on a fairly exposed hill side in wiltshire looking southeast to Bath and this has not bee the best year owing to extreme heat and not enough rain!

best wishes to you all

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