You make my day......

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Christchurch NEW ZEALAND

You make my day......

12 Feb '06 9:11 pm
I found your site by chance one day when I was looking at gardening sites. I couldn't believe that it was so close to home! We live between Ladbrooks and Tai Tapu. I am not quite semi retired, more part time (I'm a Nurse) and have a non gardening husband, 2 sons at home of 15 and 20 and live on 12 acres with 1 cat with 3 teeth, 7 guinea fowl, 1 pheasant and about 12 doves give or take a few that arrive from the neighbours to be fed as well. I have a country garden with a woodland walk, roses, rhododendrons and camellias, which are basically the bones of the garden but needs infilling, a septic tank garden and a small lake which I am busy trying to re establish after the plunder by the Pukekos which decimated the plantings and the Heron that has been and fished it out. I have not long ago come in from the garden as it was too hot to be out there today. Maybe if we had a water race to cool off in? But no we haven't so I wait till it is cooler! The first thing I check when I get home from work is whether there have been any additions to the site. Like I said you make my day, to think there is someone else out there who I can whole heartedly relate to. Don't stop Moosey you're my hero!

head gardener
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16 Feb '06 4:31 pm
BLimey! The world is a small place, and how great for you to write in! It's funny - those pukekos look SO cute when they are made of plastic, or painted wood, and sit in the garden. I've never had pukekos for real in the garden - and it sounds like they may be better to stay right away!

After a visiting golden retriever splashed and sploshed and flattened the weedy reeds and grasses by my pond I have been waterwise - I require a completely natural look without any trampling!

Ha! Another Septic Tank Garden! I like it!

Hope you're enjoying the February changes. Is your soil quite heavy - like, do you have problems with water not draining?
Cheers, and thanks again for writing,
Head Gardener

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