Hi to all!

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Hi to all!

8 Jan '06 1:03 am
Hi, thought I'd introduce myself as a new member. I've never really posted on forums like this before, so I'm just going to write and see what happens!

I discovered this great site before Christmas when it usually gets quiet at work so I have more time to surf the net! I'm from sunny Kent in England and have grown up in a gardening and highly animal-friendly family, so I love looking at the photos here and reading about all the Moosey and Moosey animal exploits!

I haven't got a very big garden at the moment and I'm ashamed to say I don't take as much care of it as I should, but I think if I continue to browse this site over the next few months it'll inspire me to do something about it when the weather turns a bit nicer!

My husband and I have loads of animals too, although not all of them will be able to join us in the garden in the summer! We've got two cats who are brother and sister: the boy is called Jeeves and the girl is Wooster (after the PG Wodehouse/Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie characters!). They're just five months old and are so adorable - the photo to the left (if I've managed to upload it properly!) is of Wooster's paw; I LOVE paws, they're so gorgeous particularly on baby animals because they're way too big for the rest of the animal! But hubby keeps telling me off for playing with them!!

Anyway, our other animals are a goldfish called Bruce, two baby Royal Pythons called Beren and Luthien, two baby Corn Snakes called Baskerville and Dr Watson and an adult Corn Snake called Mrs Hudson.

We'd love to move to a much more rural area and get loads more animals and maybe even one day follow in Moosey's footsteps and have a wonderful garden like hers!

I sympathise with Moosey and her animal names: some of my friends have laughed when I've told them the names of our animals, but I feel they reflect our love of literature and stuff! I actually quite like the name "Fluff Fluff" - it's so cute and it really suits the new kitten!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.
Speak soon!

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8 Jan '06 8:50 am
Welcome, Bambi, to you and your menagerie - paw pictures, eh? I love watching the two new Moosey kittens on the not-so-well-mown house lawns - Beige Puss stretches his claws ridiculously apart to make his feet as big as possible - looks like he's got flippers on!
Please post some pictures of your pet snakes - they are pretty non-traditional pets for New Zealand gardeners!

And thankyou for your vote of approval for Fluff-Fluff - he's an interesting kitten personality-wise, rather ditzy, dare I say - 'blonde'? So having a slightly ditzy, vacuous name will probably suit!!
Happy gardening, and enjoy your winter months - all too soon there'l be lots of garden ideas hitting you and no reason not to follow through! Spring guilt!
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Kent, England

It's been a while...

15 Jul '06 3:12 am
Moosey, I have to apologise for not responding to your request for snake pictures for so long! The problem is, my husband studied photography for his degree, so whenever he or I take a photo, he's always so critical and deletes it off our camera if it isn't up to scratch! :roll: Consequently, I haven't managed to get many decent photos of the snakes, but I did recently sneak a couple past his radar and attach them here... :)
This is Dr Watson who is a Corn Snake and in the photo he is about to shed, which is why his eye is a bit bluey. He is missing red pigment in his skin and that's why he's all black and white.
This is Baskerville who has no black pigment which is why she's such a vivid orangey colour.
Lastly, this is the pair of them together. They're still babies really as they're about a year old, so at the moment they're around a foot long and the thickness of a pencil. They'll grow to be around 5 or 6 feet and about an inch and a half diameter.
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