Hi guys :)


Hi guys :)

7 Dec '05 11:11 pm
This a great forum u have going here.....full of happy and friendly gardeners. Its good to see!!!

Looking forward to talking to u all.

Have a nice day

Ben :)
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Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

9 Dec '05 10:23 pm
Hi Ben
Welcome to the group...where do you hail from? Big garden , small garden or just garden dreams?
and merry xmas
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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

10 Dec '05 6:04 am
Yes! Hi Ben :D


Pics are cool and we would love to hear from you in the forums :wink:
Where are you from? It is the weekend here today, yippee! gardening for two whole days! :D

....and wouldn't you know...it looks like rain :? though, on the bright side we need the garden watered :wink:


12 Dec '05 8:06 am

I am currently in England but I will be back in Australia in March.

I have just finished my first season growing organic garlic near coffs harbour. It was a bit of a tough year with there being alot more to it than expected but Im sure next year will be easier (it better be anyway :wink: ).

As far as photos go I have a few good ones from a tulip festival in Japan but I dont know how to post them :oops: .

Talk to u all soon

Ben :)
For FREE report on starting a garden go to www.DIY-GardeningTips.com

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