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15 Nov '05 1:24 am
Hi there,

I'm an absolute Sempervivum-holic from the other side of the globe (beside I also grow cacti and succulents - have cca 400 of them).

I'm preparing a list of sempervivum swappers, sellers, traders ... and it would be nice if Australian people joined the list. Mail me you surplus / want list or just ask for free copy.

Have a nice time, R
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Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

16 Nov '05 2:56 pm
Dear Renee
Due to Australian and New Zealand quarantine laws which are quite stringent, it is unlikely that any of us could legally swap plant material with you... but I hope your swap goes well
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16 Nov '05 6:04 pm

I do understand your reasons about swapping and I respect them ... (thought I sometimes fracture the law - not break it! - by swapping tiny little cacti or seeds with people outside European community!). It all goes well as long as I keep my posts small, even with people from USA.

I but hope some of you, Australian sempervivum lovers, will join my WW sempervivum swappers list, some Americans alredy did, they will most probably all swap withing US, and Autralians can do the same. Putting your email and surplus list in my swap list means no obligations at all. The swapppers, sellers, buyers ... would have to talk about by private mails ...

Have a nice summer (here winter is just starting!),

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12 Jul '06 11:27 pm
Sempervivum swappers & sellers list vol. 2 is out, with an add from Australia, too. To get an emailed copy or to put a free add in the next list (sent out to aprox. 500 addresses), do send an email to

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22 Nov '06 9:06 pm
Sempervivum swapppers and sellers list vol. 3 will be out by the begining of Januray 2007. There are also 2 adds from Australia in it.

To place your add or just get a copy please mail me. Adds are free as well as the copy, distributed by email.

To place your add plase send your datas (want / wish list) by 15 th December 2006.

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23 Nov '06 7:34 pm
Otherwise - :wink: :!:

I understand forum is a non - profit organization, I wish people on forum would / could undertand I don't do the sempervivum swappers list for profit either.

I'm just crazy about sempervivums, have been in contact with some eminent sempervivum growers and breeders from all over the world, and beside this year alone I swapped sempervivums with more than 15 people from around the globe (Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Japan, Estonia, USA ...). I myself have more than 1.000 :!: different semps, and I do not indent to stop swapping semps until I get most of known cultivars and species. The best way to it is to swap plants with people who are sempervivum crazy, just like me.

It's not my intention to give people a bad feeling, my motto is - to quote Marea Sweeten, a Sempervivum breeder from USA, - "Sempervivum lovers all over the world, unite!"

And sempervivum lovers from all over the world are united - in their own way - in my sempervivum swappers list! :P

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24 Nov '06 8:31 am
I sincerely hope your thread is not deleted.
I think passionate people are needed in this world ,and I'm sure when you start sharing more of your knowledge - and hopefully photos - in this forum ,you will be very much appreciated. Do you have special hot houses for your plants ?
Looking at your lovely photo -I think I have the plant on the right -the colours are very subtle ,and they sit well in pottery containers.

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24 Nov '06 7:52 pm
I might have mentioned before, I live in a willage north-west of Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia (Central Europe). We have sub-alpine climate, with winter temperatures down to -18 degrees Celsius, and summer temperatures up to 37 degrees. I grow cacti and other non hardy succulents and since I don't have a greenhouse, I keep them in the house during winter.

Sempervivums, on the other hand, are quite capable to survive low winter temperatures, if they are protected from rain (excesive water that is). Since we have snow here in winter, snow protects them well from freezing. Last winter some of my semps survived 1 mether of snow with temperatures down to minus 24 degrees on my parents grave. They came out o.k. in spring.

However, most of the sempervivums have most vivid colours in winter and they are just starting to get the winter colours ... I'll take some photos to show next weeek.
This one is green and red ...

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Waterloo, Belgium

About special passions..

24 Nov '06 8:17 pm
Dear Renee, Dixie completely "covered" me with her reply to you! But I have to add, that I, too, am touched by your special passion for cacti/succulents! And the fact , that Sempervivums (= eternally living / living for ever!!) are capable to survive in such low temperatures, is absolutely amazing, impressive!

You see now, that by expressing/describing your special, private gardening passion/love, posting even lovely photos, you automatically belong to Moosey Forum enthusiastic, non-profit gardeners! Welcome, Renee!
"..So,perhaps, it is easiest, through awareness of flowers in particular, of their radiant beauty and purity, their vibrant colour, to come to the excellence of the One and be uplifted beyond thought to our divine selves".Dorothy Maclean

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25 Nov '06 12:21 am
Hm, I should post some cacti photos, shouldn't I?

Here they are:
Terminator (my garden helper) celebrating his 1st birthday, May 11 th, 2006
my balcony in summer 2005
Echinopsis in flower - daimether of the flower is about 15 cm / 6 inches
various nonhardy succulents
chamacereus grandiflorus.jpg
Chamaecereus (Chamaelobivia) grandiflorus in summer 2005 (unfortunately it did not make it thru the winter 05/06)


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