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10 Feb '04 5:02 am
<b>Vic : </b>Oxford Uk
<i>September 29th 2001</i>
Wow. You have really impressed me, a humble &quot;lets see what happens&quot;gardener. Today whilst visiting a farm I was taken to see the largest heap of semi composted deep, rich and black bark chippings you can imagine. For years it had been the base of a horse schooling ring, hopefully nervous horses.&quot;Help your self&quot; I was told. Who needs to win the lottery. I am planning (a word not used very often ) a rose garden so this is ideal material. Planning by my standards means searching for all my roses hidden here and there amid shrubs and perrenials and putting them all in the same place. I will be back for guidance...meanwhile I have weeks of trips with a trailer to be getting on with. Great site Thankyou.

<b>Jo-Anne Lemaire : </b>Ontario, Canada
<i>September 29th 2001</i>
Dear Moosey, So good to see all the recent garden diary entries since May 2001. Love the colours in your winter garden photos. Don't know whether you knew, but--some photos in your garden diary for months of Sept and I think Aug too are blocking out the written part of entry. They are great photos though. Love all the great, colourful flaxes I've seen on your site. Unfortunately, they would have to be houseplants in my zone 6 gardening area. I'm planting spring-flowering bulbs and cleaning up garden debris, etc. earlier this fall, hoping to get it all done before it gets too cold in Oct and Nov. It's funny to think of you doing similiar garden chores in July, when we were sweating like crazy and watching our gardens drying out in a summer drought. Hope your elbow feels better soon, and happy gardening! Jo-Anne

<b>an : </b>youknowwhere
<i>September 20th 2001</i>
Dear moosey.Thanks for the use of A5 (which I have discovered should have been A4.) This beats teaching for the last period of the term. We've all been nosey around your garden.The troops loved your picture of Tajdog with the cat.I wish the weather had held out for the weekend but I daresay some of the hols. will be fine.Yeah!I WILL deliver those trees! Sherryn

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<i>September 18th 2001</i>
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<b>Mary Wuerth : </b>Coos Bay, Oregon
<i>September 8th 2001</i>
Must be my lucky day to run across your site while searching for information on a variety of nicotiana. Your home and gardens are extraordinary and I'm very impressed by the attractive website you've created. My husband and I spent a month in New Zealand about seven years ago. We've been longing to return ever since, but travel is pretty difficult with 14 cats. We belong to an animal welfare group and seem to be constantly making room for one more needy cat. I'll be thinking of you and springtime in New Zealand as we enter autumn and the close of our gardening year.

<b>Wiebicke,Dietmar : </b>Weissenfels / Germany
<i>September 6th 2001</i>
Great website very interesting!!!

<b>Laura : </b>usa
<i>September 1st 2001</i>
I just love to vist your site.

<b>RanShan : </b>USA
<i>September 1st 2001</i>
Great Site!
The above message was posted to our old last garden guestbook. We've reposted it and notified its owner and hope to see them again.

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