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10 Feb '04 5:00 am
<b>Christine Wilson : </b>Chevy Chase, Maryland USA
<i>July 31st 2001</i>
I have spent the most delightful morning viewing your garden. Your garden is an inspiration to enhance on the &quot;little pockets&quot; of interest I have created in my garden. This is a wonderful website and I will return often. Thank you.

<b>scott : </b>Ashland
<i>July 30th 2001</i>
Amongst Flowering Blossoms, I Blossom. Scott Betton More infomation at

<b>Laura : </b>mo
<i>July 29th 2001</i>
Just checking back to see whats new your garden sure is nice. photos on my site has been updated stop by.

<b>Iris O'Siris : </b>California
<i>July 19th 2001</i>
Thank you for the peek into your lovely world!

<b>Brad : </b>you know where
<i>July 16th 2001</i>
Eggy your site makes me want to clean my screen!!!

<b>myra : </b>ypsilanti, michigan--usa
<i>July 12th 2001</i>
I have spent time this afternoon reading about your animals, being a great animal lover myself. It has beenb delightful. At this time in my life when I am going through some very hard things, it has been wonderful to read about all the great things and funny ways of animals--aren't they treasures in our lives? When I am betrayed by the best of what I think of friends, my animals are great listeners and givers of love.Also, I have two cats that are much like Jerome and Stumpy, so I had to giggle a little when I read about them. Thank you for sharing these great stories with people. The pictures are so good, the animals are almost so real, I feel I can hear them purring!!!! Myra Mellberg

<b>jon : </b>us
<i>July 12th 2001</i>
very nice site! please visit our site if you have time!

<b>Cary Smith : </b>Alma Michigan USA
<i>July 11th 2001</i>
I have been enjoying (savoring might be a better word!) your site for the past few truly seems like a visit with an cherished garden friend. There isn't one part of it that is not fun or funny or beautiful and understandable - Congratulations! Please visit our (much smaller) website if you ever have the time! I look forward to many &quot;visits&quot; back to your amazing site.

<b>Ian : </b>Wokingham UK
<i>July 9th 2001</i>
Nick (Eggy it would seem) asked me to visit after chatting to him about finding a job.

<b>Ros Cannon : </b>Sydney ,Australia (born N.Z)
<i>July 6th 2001</i>
Hi Moosey, I have been glued to your lovely website for hours. Being both a photographer, gardener &amp; animal lover ,I was enchanted. I work for a newspaper &amp; occasionally have to photograph gardens for one of our lifestyle sections. Your garden is so free ,compared to some of the heavily formalised gardens I have had to photograph. Makes me homesick for the country of my birth.Regards Ros

<b>Mitzi : </b>Waldorf, Maryland
<i>July 6th 2001</i>
Today I didn't do much of anything. Just enjoyed your web site and couldn't draw myself away to even eat lunch. I will visit more often and hopefully will lose weight at the same time. Your family has a lot of talent and I think that is wonderful in its self. See you soon.
The above message was posted to our old last garden guestbook. We've reposted it and notified its owner and hope to see them again.

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