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Northumberland, UK


10 Oct '05 2:31 am

Hi, just a little note to introduce myself, I'm new here and think this is a really cool website!
I am working on my own little project at the moment which is to transform a rather dull little garden into something far more interesting! I moved from a cottage with a large country garden to a newer property last year and the garden had no plants in it whatsoever! Just gravel where the flower beds should be, grass and decking (lots of!) I thought it would be easy enough to put in a few plants and shrubs and get things going but we soon discovered that underneath said gravel, grass and decking was a thick layer of concrete..... :x .....it is too much to break this up so onto Plan B. There was no choice really but to build some large raised beds and this has worked out really well with lots of compliments from neighbours :D things are growing really well and it already looks quite well established. So my garden may be small and proving a challenge but I am enjoying my search for suitable plants and constantly planning my next move! I will keep you up-dated on my progress and will stop by now and again to hopefully get some tips and ideas, bye for now 8)

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Camberwell, London

Concrete garden

11 Oct '05 7:13 am
Hello blueskye - welcome to the forum!

So - am I reading this right - have you built up a garden on top of your concrete? And I thought my soil-less roof terrace was hard work - you really have the ultimate weed suppressant in that layer of concrete.

Looking forward to a progress report!

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17 Oct '05 9:30 am
Hello Blueskye,
Perhaps it's historical concrete? Now if it was more interesting layers of garden history - like some amazing rocks outlining an old heritage sunken pool - or maybe some roman tiles! Then you could sell them, get garden rich and hire professionals to rip up any lurking concrete!
Welcome, and thanks for those kind words. There is little concrete in the Moosey garden - but we have an abundance of river stones. Now they have years and years of history in their smooth shapes!
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Northumberland, UK


17 Oct '05 10:02 am
Hello :) I wish it was as exciting as that! However, I fear it is just plain old concrete!
I guess we just make the most of what we have though don't we and I am enjoying building a garden up and over it.
I have my share of little wildlife visitors as well which is nice :D
Well thanks for the replies - it's nice to know someone, somewhere is interested in me rambling on about my garden!
Bye for now :lol:

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