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10 Feb '04 4:42 am
<b>Richard : </b>Czech
<i>March 30th 2001</i>
Its really great and useful site, thanks for it!!!!!

<b>Linda Stroud : </b>Nikiski, Alaska
<i>March 28th 2001</i>
(no comment)

<b>V. Rosentreter : </b>Columbus, Mississippi
<i>March 11th 2001</i>
You have done an excellent job on your website. The colors, pics, and setup is fantastic! I like the way you made it personal with the diary...a nice touch! The site is informative and entertaining....totally enjoyed it!

<b>oyvind solberg : </b>Norway
<i>March 1st 2001</i>
I love your site, but miss some aspects. How come so many people are obsessed about plants? May the answer be that there is some kind of connection between plants and human beeings? Ref.: The secret life of plants, More secrets about plants,Susan Watkins: Gardenmadness,and lots of other books about communicating with plants. Human beeings are descendents from plants - is that all?
The above message was posted to our old last garden guestbook. We've reposted it and notified its owner and hope to see them again.

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