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Archvie : Jan 2001

10 Feb '04 4:41 am
<b>Algebra Woman : </b>you know where I live...
<i>January 30th 2001</i>
You betcha. Well done Mary. How does your garden grow?! Na, nice site. It brings out your "silly" personality. Ciaou.

<b>Guess Who, it's the granny one : </b>I was there when you made it
<i>January 26th 2001</i>
Sumner by the sea Yes lots, ring me

<b>nicholas turner (nicky t) : </b>christchurch, new zealand.
<i>January 25th 2001</i>
wheres the weeds section? i want to enter the 'mother of the year' of the year comp.

<b>Carol Hotchkiss : </b>Scotland
<i>January 25th 2001</i>
I love the design of your website! And mentioning cats is always appealing! The quality of photos is really good. I wonder if I could grow roses?

<b>Melinda Mészáros : </b>Budapest, Hungary
<i>January 22nd 2001</i>
Congratulations! Your site is amazing, I think your garden is wonderful too! Best wishes - Melinda

<b>Emma (Wakako Yasui) : </b>Nagoya, Japan
<i>January 20th 2001</i>
Hi, I am visiting your site from Japan. I also love gardening, but it is very difficult to create my ideal garden and maintain it. I love your site and admire all of your plants and beautiful garden ! I am looking forward to update of your pages. I would be happy if you could visit my site in Japan and drop a message in BBS(Guest book). I really enjoyed your site and will be back soon. Best regards, Emma

<b>Angela Webber : </b>Taupiri, Waikato (living in SW France)
<i>January 20th 2001</i>
I've just read your diary from start to finish - Now I know where to look to catch up on the cricket! I'll be adding you to my 'favorites' so I can check-out the rest of your site. Thanks for the entertainment! Ange.

<b>Karen and Michelle : </b>Arrowtown
<i>January 15th 2001</i>
Your cats are SO cool! Love your doggy too. Thank-you for sharing your garden with us.

<b>Sue Schlabach : </b>South Royalton, Vermont USA
<i>January 13th 2001</i>
Loved the site. So fast and vivid. Excellent design. With a foot of snow outside I was glad to live vicariously through the summer garden photos.

<b>Lorraine Win : </b>South Waikato New Zealand
<i>January 12th 2001</i>
Love your garden, pets and your set up on the web.

<b>Carole : </b>NS Canada
<i>January 10th 2001</i>
As usual enjoyed,so much to see,still adore all of the pets.Will be back again. Carole

<b>anonymous : </b>seoul korea
<i>January 8th 2001</i>
flower very beautiful. I am Korean. I like flower. I'm not English. I like your site.

<b>Marie Ward : </b>Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
<i>January 8th 2001</i>
If only i could grow some of the beautiful plants that you have. your site is most enjoyable. i have a cousin living in whangamata and of course, they brag of the beautiful weather that you enjoy.

<b>dmt49 : </b>USA - St. Louis, MO gardening zone 6
<i>January 7th 2001</i>
I love your's friendly, easy, and let me know there are others out there who love their pets and gardens as dearly as I do. Thank you.

<b>Anonymous Surfer : </b>Ontario, Canada
<i>January 5th 2001</i>
What a wonderful web site, terrific photos, great layout. The hours you must have put into this show everywhere. Thank you for sharing your garden, and experiences. I especially liked the garden diary, it makes me wish I'd kept a better one myself.

<b>Valentina : </b>Bulgaria
<i>January 4th 2001</i>
It is wonderful! I have a small garden with the same flowers. The world is so small!

<b>Karen : </b>Auckland, New Zealand
<i>January 2nd 2001</i>
I am a rose lover and haven't had time yet to look at the rest of this amazing site. What a credit to you. I'll tell all my mad gardening mates.

<b>thelma gully. : </b>Gisborne New Zealand
<i>January 2nd 2001</i>
can I get back to you on that~!
The above message was posted to our old last garden guestbook. We've reposted it and notified its owner and hope to see them again.

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