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10 Feb '04 4:40 am
<b>Jan : </b>Tulsa, Oklahoma
<i>November 24th 2000</i>
I found your website on a cold, raindy day; it was the perfect antidote for my "stuck-in-the-house" blues. I garden with two dogs and a cat and loved the way you incorporated your pets into the website.

<b>muriel cavallaro : </b>napier
<i>November 21st 2000</i>
I won 2 tickets for ellerslie show but health would not permit us to go, so your pages have cheered me up a great deal ,although I have still got 2 tickets for ellerslie. love your photos .may even put them on my web just for a short while .reply if ok .

<b>Mary : </b>Okato Taranaki
<i>November 15th 2000</i>
I really enjoyed the stroll around your garden. You can be sure I will be returning for another look. You make me want to get out and work in my garden!

<b>Gail Whiting : </b>Goodwood (near Toronto), Ontario, Canada
<i>November 15th 2000</i>
Love your site, spend my lunch hours at work reading through it on cold days (fall here) & am inspired to do more with my own miserable gardens (my reason for living). My son and I own 1.3 acres and I go crazy in spring with my homegrown seedlings and whatever I can buy & collect. Two dogs who help eat the raw veggies & one cat who digs up my seedlings. Thanks for your site - really an inspiration!!!!

<b>Iain and Katie : </b>Christchurch
<i>November 10th 2000</i>
Kate has a love of roses and peaceful places to visit, We like the website very much. Even on the net we get an idea of how peacefful your garden is.

<b>Margy : </b>Napier, NZ
<i>November 7th 2000</i>
What a tonic your website is on a cool and wet day. I can't wait to get back into the garden.Loved your layout and all the beautiful photos. I will definately call again

<b>jeff westerlund : </b>Lexington KY. US
<i>November 6th 2000</i>
This is truly the best designed sight and most intertaining for gardeners I have come across

<b>Maxi Helder : </b>England- -now a widow living in Holland
<i>November 3rd 2000</i>
Thank you for your lovely Website. It is better than any other garden & pet site I have found.I am new to the net and selftaught so please excuse any faults.I used to have a large garden in U.K.but since marrying a Dutchman and coming to live in Holland I have only a large balcony with clematis,jasmine,eucalyptus and other small shrubs and in summer petunias,geraniums etc make a colourful show.I have always had & bred pets,dogs,cats,hamsters etc but now have only two charming Cavalier K.C.Spaniels and many indoor plants. Again thank you, Maxi
The above message was posted to our old last garden guestbook. We've reposted it and notified its owner and hope to see them again.

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