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10 Feb '04 4:39 am
<b>Debbie G. : </b>Chicago, the Windy City
<i>September 28th 2000</i>
I truly enjoyed my visit through your extensive gardens, however my legs are now tired. Stop by my site and I will do my best at making a decent cup of tea!

<b>Janice : </b>Christchurch NZ
<i>September 25th 2000</i>
Enjoyed your site but need to spend more time looking at it. I came across it while at work.

<b>Terry : </b>Seattle, WA
<i>September 24th 2000</i>
Wonderful garden!

<b>Diana : </b>Auckland
<i>September 23rd 2000</i>
Beautiful garden, and I especially loved the dialogue - whimsical, natural, honest and very readable. I'll come back to your garden and bring my Mum, because I felt very welcome.

<b>Brenda : </b>Tulsa, Oklahoma
<i>September 21st 2000</i>
I absolutely love your site and your garden. Your enthusiasm is so inspiring. I work for a garden center, and love to see people who find joy in nature's gifts.

<b>Maryrose : </b>Ontario, New York, USA (upstate NY)
<i>September 15th 2000</i>
I love gardening and recently I had my home built, so I have a fresh, blank page to start my landscaping on. I'm surfing the web looking for ideas. Thank you!! In God's Love, Maryrose

<b>Mary : </b>New Zealand
<i>September 8th 2000</i>
I really loved your site,will be visiting often. I,m wondering where you get all your energy and ideas,not to mention money,I wish I had half of all those things that you have!

<b>Daphne : </b>Tacoma, Washington
<i>September 7th 2000</i>
Enjoyed your garden very much, especially the roses. I'm considering putting in a hedge of Mary Rose, so was very interested in your comments. Thanks so much for allowing us all to visit your lovely garden. I'd love to have you come visit mine on the web.

<b>Ann Mason : </b>Leicestershire England
<i>September 2nd 2000</i>
Your web site looks very interesting

<b>Mark Oster : </b>Taumarunui
<i>September 1st 2000</i>
This has been an awsome visit to your garden, had to have three coffee breaks! A totaly awsome site that is a credit to you. I will spread the word and be back often. Thanks for your hospitality.
The above message was posted to our old last garden guestbook. We've reposted it and notified its owner and hope to see them again.

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