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10 Feb '04 4:38 am
<b>Teresa : </b>Independence, Mississippi
<i>July 28th 2000</i>
Dear Mary, I have spent the last three working days exploring your paradise, and can't get enough of it. I can only hope one day to visit-and you won't have to say a word - - just let me look, touch, listen and smell and taste-your Garden of Eden. You are the most remarkable person I have never met.

<b>Forrest : </b>Sarasota, Florida, USA
<i>July 28th 2000</i>
How fortunate you are to have such a large and loving family. I so enjoyed browsing through your garden and meeting your family. Since I didn't have time to visit long, it's nice to know I'm welcome to come back anytime!! Thank you for your hospitality!

<b>Charlotte Ann : </b>Vidor, Texas USA
<i>July 28th 2000</i>
I have enjoyed traveling to you garden. Your dedication to God's creation is simply amazing. I was pulled to you place by the caption that came with you URL: This is a Mothers Day gift to you from your son. I too have a son that is near and dear to me. We are blessed to have beautiful things in our lives; children! God Bless you.

<b>vicki jans : </b>Bonbeach Melbourne Australia
<i>July 26th 2000</i>
I really like your site, my favourite part is the four legged fan site. My dog would love all the space and the cats.

<b>vicki ley : </b>victoria' australia
<i>July 23rd 2000</i>
you obviously love your garden moosey and it is a credit to you. one question- how do you keep going when the energy runs out before the enthusiasm?

<b>Maureen Evans : </b>Chatsworth, Ontario,Canada
<i>July 22nd 2000</i>
Enjoyed your website very much. I wish I could visit you in your garden. I am interested to see that you grow many of the same plants we do here. We are having a very wet, cool summer, not our usual hot and humid season at all. Enjoy your spring- not too far off now, I hope.

<b>jennifer Turner : </b>Canada
<i>July 21st 2000</i>
Love the pet section, love pets slightly more than gardening.

<b>Barbara Ann : </b>Mount Vernon WA
<i>July 20th 2000</i>
What an awesome webstite. I was really impressed with your diary, I can never find time to write down my thoughts nor the things I do and then "Poof" they are gone and forgotten

<b>Lisa Anne : </b>Mount Vernon, Washington USA
<i>July 20th 2000</i>
I loved your site, and read all of your diary! I especially love how you treat your animals as members of your family! (Now I know I am not as crazy as my family tells me!) I am a bargain/orphan plant saver too! Will tell all my friends and check back often! Thank you Moosey and Eggy for such a fun garden site! Blessings to you! Lisa Anne

<i>July 20th 2000</i>

<b>Fran : </b>Ohio
<i>July 11th 2000</i>
I am a real beginner with a camera and your pictures were an inspiration. I was especially charmed by your cat stories and pictures. Every garden has to have a resident cat! Thanks for the smiles and armchair tour.

<b>Kate Lindsay : </b>Otakou (Dunedin)
<i>July 9th 2000</i>
Many a happy hour spent in your garden - thank you. Information on native plants is of particular interest as I am finding that these do well in coastal conditions but I don't know much about them.

<b>Shauna : </b>Canada
<i>July 8th 2000</i>
Hi: I just popped in for another visit and thought I'd let you know I was here. I sure do enjoy strolling through your garden. Thanks so much for creating it :)

<b>Margaret : </b>Cheviot
<i>July 8th 2000</i>
Enjoyable site, beautifully done. Congratulations. I think your mountain grass is Anemanthele lessoniana or bamboo grass. It goes a very nice red if kept thirsty.
The above message was posted to our old last garden guestbook. We've reposted it and notified its owner and hope to see them again.

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