Hello Fellow Gardeners.

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South West Victorias ,Australia

Hello Fellow Gardeners.

15 Sep '15 12:26 pm
Hello Everyone, Lovely to find you all. (Dixie on Dave's Garden suggested the visit and I just the sharing happening here).
I am a keen gardener,artist and reader, retired from teaching and loving every moment. I have a 3/4 acre garden/food forest with over 40 different fruit and nut trees plus lots of soul food plants too. Love rhodos and maples for Autumn colour.,though my Pistachios compete well there too.

Late Sept will see me in Auckland for the Felting Convergence and outside those days, I will have almost a week to visit some gardens, so please share any suggestions you might have of 'must see' gardens.
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks For Sharing

A Gardener of Disrepair
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Taupaki, New Zealand

Re: Hello Fellow Gardeners.

17 Sep '15 7:45 am
Hi Chookie. I have made some suggestions of gardens on your other thread. I also love the photos of your spring garden.

We haven't heard from Dixie for a while - I miss her! She was local to me and I got a lot of great ideas from her large country garden. I'm pleased she sent you on over here. You wait 'til Gordon (in Canada) hears about your food forest! He loves that sort of thing :)

Canberra, Australia

Re: Hello Fellow Gardeners.

2 Oct '15 2:02 am
Oh, I just noticed this thread. Hello Chookie!

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Fraser Valley, BC, Canada

Re: Hello Fellow Gardeners.

2 Oct '15 3:55 am
Hello from Canada Chookie!
Fraser Valley, British Columbia

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