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10 Feb '04 4:37 am
<b>toh : </b>singapore
<i>May 29th 2000</i>
You have a great site !

<b>Terry : </b>Wonderful site!
<i>May 28th 2000</i>

<b>Jim & Marian Fuller : </b>Manhattan, Kansas USA
<i>May 27th 2000</i>
You people are wonderful!! Your web site gave us many smiles and good feelings. What enjoyment you have in life. Thank you for sharing it.

<b>Jan Beaumont : </b>Auckland
<i>May 26th 2000</i>
Great site - could spend ages browsing. Will definitely be back. Thanks for having me.

<b>Sokkyu Choe : </b>South Korea
<i>May 25th 2000</i>
It is fantastic to find out this site. I also want to have my own country garden and this site gives me a lot!

<b>Carolyn : </b>Brisbane
<i>May 25th 2000</i>
Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden - took me back a number of years to my childhood in Christchurch.

<b>Lorinda Logan : </b>California
<i>May 24th 2000</i>
You have a beautiful garden and a wonderful web site. I din't know I was a gardener until I got a garden, and then it became an obsession.

<b>Terry : </b>South Yorkshire, England
<i>May 21th 2000</i>
Beautiful gardens, I envy you all that space, but not the work that goes with it. The web site reflects the size and content of the garden to perfection, and I know I am not the first to say it but the navigation curve is inspirational. Of course I haven't seen it all, how could I, I've only been here for just over one hour. I shall be back many times. Keep up the good work in the garden and in cyberspace.

<b>len : </b>australia
<i>May 18th 2000</i>
very neat site will have to visit many times to see it all, keep up the good work nick.

<b>Tamara : </b>Oklahoma
<i>May 15th 2000</i>
This website is spectacular! Very user friendly. I could stay here for hours looking and being quite entertained. Thanks for all your hard work!

<b>Bill Westbrook : </b>Ottawa Canada
<i>May 15th 2000</i>
I like your web site very much. In particular the neat semi-circlular navigation aid on the top of the home page. Wish I could find a permanent host for my site.

<b>Patricia Town : </b>Timaru (UK 32 years ago)
<i>May 14th 2000</i>
All looks very interesting. can groups visit?

<b>Pat Small : </b>Scotts valley California
<i>May 14th 2000</i>
What a beautiful garden! Also, a spectacular Mother's day gift . You must be a proud mom

<b>Adelaide and Graham : </b>Adelaide, South Australia
<i>May 14th 2000</i>
What a fantastic mother's day present! You have a wonderfully thoughtful and gifted son who has done an incredible amount of work on this site and it is just sensational - You must be a very proud mum. Congratulations Nick.

<b>Sharon : </b>Belleville, Ontario, Canada
<i>May 14th 2000</i>
Great site. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba so your site caught my eye. Have a great day!

<b>shauna : </b>Canada
<i>May 13th 2000</i>
Hope you are enjoying your Mother's Day! Nick sure did a great job of this website. You have a very talented son:)

<b>Gayla Nelson : </b>Oklahoma
<i>May 13th 2000</i>
Absolutely excellent website. Watch your email for the Website Excellence 2000 award - given to less than 100 websites this year! One of the best gardening sites I have ever seen. You got the touch!

<b>Felicity : </b>Sth Canterbury New Zealand
<i>May 13th 2000</i>
WOW!!! I am totally blown away by this site the gardens are amazing,the photographs fantastic,Roses are beautiful, the work that has gone into both, the garden and the website is awesome. This has got to be the best site garden or otherwise I have ever viewed. I have spent most of a cold and miserable day here, after already sitting up til early hours last night, in your paradise, and have only managed to veiw about half of it. Thank-you for the opportunity. I will most certainly be back again and again.

<b>Mary : </b>Opoutama, nr Mahia on the East coast of N.Z
<i>May 12th 2000</i>
Finding this website feels like finding a new friend - it shines with passion and humour. I shall enjoy rambling through it leisurely on days too wet to garden. Thank-you !

<b>Jo Kelly : </b>Masterton, NZ
<i>May 11th 2000</i>
Great site. Have just spent about 2hrs here. Too wet to go outside. Loved every minute of it, heaps of humour. Jealousy rulz though. What a wonderful effort (garden & site). I have a dumb-dog that loves to be vacuumed. Took a while to teach her that the floor comes first though.

<b>Angela Templeton : </b>CHCH
<i>May 10th 2000</i>
Excellent site to navigate and gardener-friendly

<b>sharon hall : </b>nelson
<i>May 10th 2000</i>
I think this is a fantastic web site, very entertaining, especially liked the pets section. Sorry to hear about the rooster!

<b>Philip Gibson : </b>England
<i>May 10th 2000</i>
I'm impressed

<b>stewart mc donald : </b>Australia
<i>May 10th 2000</i>
I have yet to explore but looks yummy

<b>Michael Lakeman : </b>New Brighton, NZ
<i>May 9th 2000</i>
Nice one. Boy-o-boy that eggy and moosey combo sure is formidable, what a garden, what a web-site. They definately win my vote for the mothergardener-sonwebhead pair of the year. I liked the pets especially and am looking forward to meeting them.

<b>Tina Marie Watts : </b>Brantford, Ont., Canada
<i>May 9th 2000</i>
My fiance ( Les Barnes, a KIWI ) and I are coming to New Zealand in Sept.,shh-h-h-h, I think it's supposed to be a surprise for his sister in Nelson. I loved the website and the guest book. We are currently working on our website but alas it will be filled mainly with horses for sale. I will visit the site often. It feels like a friend.

<b>Kim : </b>Really awesome!!!!
<i>May 8th 2000</i>

<b>Brenda : </b>Canada
<i>May 7th 2000</i>
Loved your site, very impressed. Love to meet other gardeners on line and see their wonderful gardens,thanks for the awesome tour

<b>Loretta : </b>Peterborough, Ontario Canada
<i>May 7th 2000</i>
Just enjoy hearing about othe gardens. My garden is very small and needs lots of work.

<b>Marilyn : </b>US
<i>May 6th 2000</i>
Very nice site !

<b>Julie : </b>Walsall, West Midlands, UK
<i>May 6th 2000</i>
a very interesting site. I have yet to scan photos of my garden, plants, pond, waterfall etc. Will visit your site again!

<b>Peter Peisdersky : </b>Berlin - Germany
<i>May 6th 2000</i>
Wonderful Web Site. We are so excitet to meet leroy and the German Donut girl in Berlin.

<b>Teresa Ferguson : </b>Christchurch, New Zealand
<i>May 6th 2000</i>
This is really cool. Reminds me of C.R.A.P. or was that C.A.R.P. ???

<b>Pip : </b>NZ
<i>May 6th 2000</i>
This is a cool site....Love the dog...I also have a dog who hates magpies, vacuum cleaners, and another one who likes to dig to China when tied up....This is one of the best gardening sites I have been to

<b>Penny : </b>Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
<i>May 5th 2000</i>
Congrats on the creative site and gardens you've created. Will visit again.

<b>Jack : </b>Texas, USA
<i>May 4th 2000</i>
Thank you for a most interesting tour through your garden and side trips to learn about your climate. Not only is your garden an interesting labor of love but your home pages are a huge and interesting display.

<b>Catherine : </b>Vic, Aust
<i>May 3rd 2000</i>
Moosey, Eggy - you guys are hooligans. your site is insane, i love it. i havent got time to barely start to look at the site, how on earth did you find the time to set it up. Good on You.

<b>John Wesley : </b>Brisbane (Ex pat KIWI from Ch-ch)
<i>May 2nd 2000</i>
Great website. Truly amazing. Fabulous garden. Will show it to my wife.

<b>Linda : </b>A suberb of Birmingham, England
<i>May 1st 2000</i>
A beautiful web site. I have only seen a fraction of this lovely garden but plan to visit again. Thankyou.

<b>Gayla : </b>Eastern Washingto state, United States
<i>May 1st 2000</i>
Wonderful site. I enjoyed my visit very much. Hope you have time to visit us in GardenTown.

<b>Elizabeth Law : </b>Gardentown
<i>May 1st 2000</i>
This is a wonderful site...I just love the design and all the information. So glad to *meet* you again. If you would like the cat brigade to feature on my WWW Cats who garden section please send me pics( small ones Please!!!) and a little about each puss cat. Hearty congrats on a fine achievment.

<b>Tina : </b>Washington State, USA
<i>May 1st 2000</i>
What a wonderful site! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely garden... it's a work of art.

<b>Judi Z. : </b>Rhode Island, USA
<i>May 1st 2000</i>
A lovely page, lovely gardens!

<b>willowbell : </b>Niagara Falls Canada
<i>May 1st 2000</i>
What a lovely site. Very interesting! I haven't travelled all through it yet, but will. Thank you for sharing :)
The above message was posted to our old last garden guestbook. We've reposted it and notified its owner and hope to see them again.

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