Hello all!


Hello all!

30 Oct '14 1:01 pm
Hello everyone, I live in the sub tropics of Australia, being originally from Wellington New Zealand. I hope soon to return home to being my new adventure, making my 6th garden.
I did have in Wellington a small garden I opened to the public for fund raisers, but really struggle here in Australia with the heat, humidly and lack of rain, still have a cottage garden full of roses which I love. I am lucky to live next to a public walkway, spending at least an hour each day in may garden, I love talking to the people as they walk past the garden, many have never seen a cottage garden outside of photos before!
looking forward to meeting you all on the forum :D

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Re: Hello all!

31 Oct '14 3:50 pm
Hi there, and welcome. Hopefully the kitchen spammers - they probably get paid a pittance and we should feel sorry for them - won't put you off. There's a small but resolute bunch of us here who've been around for ages, and are immune to the delights of new kitchens, hee hee.

It's a busy time of year, hope you're not panicking, and hope that your roses are OK in the hot hot hot! Happy gardening, M
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