Happy Birthday

Canberra, Australia

Happy Birthday

10 Sep '13 11:46 pm
Happy Birthday Moosey! I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

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Re: Happy Birthday

19 Sep '13 5:45 pm
Yeay! Belated thank-yous. But not an obelisk in sight, as yet, and no sawing noises from the garage at night...
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Taupaki, New Zealand

Re: Happy Birthday

19 Sep '13 6:11 pm
My dear old Dad made me 4 white ones from those very plans. Took an eternity with much cursing etc. One is in some photos of the white gardens in my thread. I am sheepish to say I have only just applied the finishing copper ball tops to the other three.

I absolutely adore them but a word of caution, the bloody things get fair airborne in a wind. I find mine all over the lawn. Perhaps your NGP will come up with a fool-proof anchoring system?

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