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8 Mar '11 4:24 am
I am so happy to find your site and enjoyed it tremendously on a rainy, Sunday afternoon. I live in the U.S., southeastern part of Virginia, zone 7. I recently became unemployed but am almost of retirement age. I happily realized when spring arrives very soon I can work outside all day long and not just on the weekends when I worked publicly!! For over thirty years I have only gardened on the weekends. And that is how I found your site, I want to start a gardening journal. Thanks for so much information to get me started. I will post some pictures soon.

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Taupaki, New Zealand

Re: New to Forum

8 Mar '11 10:23 am
Hi GG! Nice to have you drop by.

You have caught us in a bit of a shambles I'm afraid. The earthquake that demolished a lot of Moosey's city and killed numerous people has left us all feeling sad and helpless.

But we are sure to be cheered up a bit by seeing some photos of a new garden in Virginia! You're not going to know where to start with all your new-found gardening time!

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more of your place. :D

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Re: New to Forum

8 Mar '11 5:03 pm
Welcome, and I hope you can show us some lovely pictures. We are all a bit distracted, but it's such a truth that life goes on - and gardening life can be pretty scary when one misses a couple of weeks, for whatever the reason. Aargh! All those weeds!

Thanks so much for popping in, and welcome. Cheers, M
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