New to this site & love it!!!

7 Feb '11 9:07 am
Hi, I'm a gardener in central Florida, USA. Zone 9. I'm married to a quadriplegic who also loves gardening. Right now he is designing & having built a large vegetable garden. Last week he found a "rent a farmer!" & had half of the backyard tilled up! The front yard is mostly my roses & perenials, butterfly plants & a crazy assortment of fruit shrubs & trees! We have been here only one year so have been planting a lot of things from the old house. We also have 4 cats & a little dog. Well, that's about all for now, except I just love this site!!!

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Re: New to this site & love it!!!

7 Feb '11 11:12 am
Thank you so much for writing, and welcome. I'd love to see some pictures of your garden - and, of course, the cats and the dog! If you've got the time to share that would be great. cheers, M
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Re: New to this site & love it!!!

8 Feb '11 9:36 am
Hello!! And welcome!

We love having new people pop in. Once you've settled in, we'd love to know more of your gardening exploits and perhaps a photo or two. We're a nosy bunch!

Wow, I need a rent-a-farmer. I have a list the length of my arm (and then some) that would benfit from such a thing.

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Re: New to this site & love it!!!

8 Feb '11 11:05 am
Hi and welcome! Looking forward to hearing more about your garden and your animals. :)

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Re: New to this site & love it!!!

11 Feb '11 2:17 pm
Hello and welcome! Am also a rather new visitor and also love this site. I am in Illinois and in zone 5.
My backyard will be completely dug up this summer with veggies in the middle and flowers around the periphery. In the past I dithered with a raised bed and stuck veggies in between flowers but the pests have been so voracious that I need to concentrate the edibles and enclose them in barbed wire, if necessary. Only kidding. I use poultry netting which they chew through so I use bird netting around the poultry netting and this seems to work. Would love to know more about your flowers and vegetables. Jean

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