Mary Moosey


Mary Moosey

1 Sep '10 4:11 am
Mary! I love this dear newsletter I receive from you with all your wonderful ideas and terrific sense of humour! I am on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. We are in different time and season zones but it doesn't seem to matter, at least not to me! You are a soul sister and a source of insperation! Happy gardening!

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Re: Mary Moosey

1 Sep '10 2:43 pm
Thank you so much! Sometimes I wonder if the only person who reads my scribblings is my daughter (away overseas). Our skype conversations usually go like this:
me: I've been working in the blah blah blah garden
her: I know that Mum. I've read it in your journal.

etc. etc. etc.

I've been hugely busy these last two days, and it's just heartwarming to come inside and receive a tiny pat on the back from you. Thanks, and happy gardening!
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Canberra, Australia

Re: Mary Moosey

4 Sep '10 2:46 am
A pat on the back from me too. (I've been sitting here the last few days looking out the window and thinking Moosey wouldn't let a bit of cold and grey skies stop her, unfortunately the pep talk didn't work.)

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