Waiting for Spring???

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Port Orchard, WA

Waiting for Spring???

26 Mar '10 3:17 pm
I am not waiting for Spring for spring is here in between the showers of nature that is.. To day it is raining so I sat in side reading up and resting and doing more planning. I have the wood to build a worm bin which I will need yet some nails to actually finish it up... so I have been working around every little detail now just where should i place this I think on the north side of the shed for it will be cool there the sun don't get there and come winter I will get some hay bales to keep it warmer for then is when the north cold will keep it cold.... and I want them to be happily warm not frozen we will see though idea are popping up as I type.

I am working on a hot house as well I have to finish a hot frame. The hot house is not much but will house a bench and shelves for plants to mature before I move them out to the weather. The frame is in direct sunlight with a north all which is black plastic for now soon a board will be added to help warm it up and tall daisies to hide that north wall view from the street. I will place pictures of course. once its all done. I been building my beds up by hand no tiller for it is down. I taken most of the bigger rocks out and placed them in the walkways. a section here and there and it will be done that is what was told at a local garden club meeting and that is what I have been doing taking turns as I use to tell my children all nine of the eight I now tell my gardens its your turn... and to make it more harmonious I transplant those that I love if they are over producing and taking over.... such as what I found my almost as tall as my 5'6" frame daisies and the mints as well.

I have read many of the stories and find my self thinking ah that is what I should do ... so most of what I read is very encouraging to me as well. Though where I live is not my home its where I live but if anything should happen to him I will have to move so I try not to do so much cause days are becoming so much shorter as we get older. I just wish he would share some of the good things that I do it would help him I know to stay him self off the path he travels thru.. that mighty home wrecker game of alcohol it seems he can not live with out a drop that lays him out or drugged in front of the TV....

At least I can face life problems I am thankful for the soil to play in and the bounty it gives when its time to reap what I have sowed. I know how the good lord felt when he to planned his garden and toiled away his days I just wish I could do it in 7 days to see all the beauty as well enjoy it for the rest of eternity.

But maybe it will be well worth it if he could give his only begotten then I can give my garden too!


Re: Waiting for Spring???

2 Apr '10 1:44 am
Well, you can't really put everything in your garden within 7 days but you can enjoy making your garden beautiful for as long as you live. That's one of the pleasures of life that the Lord has given to us. Thank God it's already spring. It symbolizes a new beginning and a new life. Enjoy your day!


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