Hello from the Great Lakes!


Hello from the Great Lakes!

15 Feb '10 8:03 am
Hello everyone! I found this forum the other day in an effort to start posting and engaging with an audience in the general garden interest rather than cacti and succulents of which I am quite active. I look forward to learning a lot and answering a lot of questions! I love looking at photos and reading grow longs to learn more and more about horticulture and gardening.

I just started a blog last week (which I will probably update weekly) to write about updates in my small web store that sells seeds as well as to offer free seeds to those interested, write product reviews on gardening products, highlight grow logs, and conduct Q & A's with those involved in horticulture, agriculture, gardening, and the like. It is truly turning out to be fun! The blog can be found here: http://turtleislandbotanicals.blogspot.com/. Thanks!

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17 Feb '10 9:04 am
A brand new blog is like a new garden - wow! You'll have so much fun. I'll put a link to it in the Moosey links page, if you like. All the best with your seeds, and I love the drawings on your site! Hope we'll see you again.
Cheers, M
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