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Houston(ish) Texas

Hello from Houston(ish) Texas

13 Feb '10 4:55 am
Hello. Last year was my first year to garden as an adult. I am blessed with 5 acres in Harris County Texas. I really do not know anything about roses. I reckon I will be reading through a lot of the threads and getting to know the subject. Nice to meet yall. I am interested in the white roses. I am sure some roses grow better than others in different planting zones. I have a bunch to learn and I look forward to doing that here.

Mike D

head gardener
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13 Feb '10 2:44 pm
Welcome, Mike, and go for those roses! I think they are the most womderful shrub/flower/plant of all, and wouldn't be without them. Let us all know what you're up to in your garden.
cheers, M
Head Gardener

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