Hello from Lithuania !


Hello from Lithuania !

1 Dec '08 6:33 am
Hello for everybody, who love flowers!
I'm collector and hybridizer from Kaunas (Lithuania, Europe), and I hope to find here many new friends.
I have small garden (about 4000 square meters) and about 1000 varieties of flowers: miscleaneous (microbulbs), tulips, irises, daylilies, dahlias and - my favourite flower - glads.
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Berkeley, California, USA

Welcome, Vivasvat.

1 Dec '08 11:20 am
That doesn't sound like a small garden to me, but compared to Moosey, Jack, Goose and I think Kerole yours may be smaller. I garden in Berkeley, California in the US. I look forward to seeing more photos from your garden. I'm a big fan of photos showing a wider view of the garden, enough to get a sense of being there. That is a nice teaser shot of a very colorful Gladiola. I'll just bet you have a few more than that around.
Mark in California

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1 Dec '08 2:57 pm
Very pleased to meet you.My son in law,Ilmars'family came from near Riga,Latvia.They escaped(having been imprisoned) just as the Russians closed the border.They were 7 years in a displaced-persons camp in Germany,before coming to australia and New Zealand.His father was a young lad,and married here,then Ilmars was born.Latvia is 'home' and there is a good community in Auckland.I know how much flowers and art work such as carvings and jewellery means,so it will be really nice to see your garden.

Canberra, Australia

G'day and Sveiks from Australia!

1 Dec '08 6:50 pm
Welcome from me too. :)
Wow, Dixie, small world. :)


1 Dec '08 7:47 pm
Thanks for warm welcome!
Of course, I have many photos, Mark, but it is problem for me to give it in this forum!
Of course, some pictures You can see in my webpage, but it is only in lithuanian. During December it will start new version of my page in english, russian, polish and lithuanian, and it will be better...
I can communicate in those 4 languages; I can read latvian too, but I cant speek...

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Lillooet, BC, Canada

Welcome Aboard!!

17 Feb '09 2:50 pm
Hi, Vivasvat, and welcome! I garden on Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada and I have a very small garden, but I, too, grow very many varieties of flowers. It will be wonderful to see what you can grow in your climate that might work in mine. I certainly hope you find all of us as interesting as I'm sure we will find you and your gardening experiences!!


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Ontario, Canada

24 Feb '09 1:58 am
Hi there and Welcome :D
Gardening is Great Therapy~!

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