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Hunter Valley NSW Australia

Hello from the Hunter Valley NSW Australia

5 Jul '07 9:41 pm
Hello to everyone on here...I joined some weeks back & have been reading & hopefully learning from some of the topics covered in the Forum....I can relate to much of what is said & at the end of the day when I'm aching all over I do wonder why I didn't choose a much easier hobby...just joking...I have a builder here at the moment & I am concerned that he might think me to "be off this planet" I tend to stand/sit back & stare at sections of my garden & ponder as too what I can do to change it...I think he is wondering what I am doing :shock: I'm especially doing this at the moment with the new additions..which also meant disrupted gardens!!!!! :lol:

garden enthusiast
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Waikato-New Zealand


6 Jul '07 6:48 am
Welcome,Patricia.Well everything going on sounds exciting!Does your renovations mean that you will have a fresh palette to start from in your garden?Are you in a country area?How are you manging for rain-We see the Australian weather over here on TV every night and feel anxious for those suffering drought conditions.
Let us know how you are getting on - we are a curious bunch,but everyone is very encouraging.

Faith S
Perpetually learning gardener
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Alabama, USA

A hearty welcome from the USA!

6 Jul '07 8:43 am
Glad you decided to stop in for a visit. Dixie has already covered all the questions, so I'll be checking for your reply. We do all love to see new gardens starting or old ones growing.
Faith at Bide-a-Wee Farm, Alabama, USA

Come abide with me a wee while.

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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

6 Jul '07 4:35 pm
Howdy Patricia :D

Laughed at your "stand and stare" description when 'analyzing' your garden, only a gardener would truly understand the amount of time it takes to just ... look :shock: (preferably with a coffee or tea in hand :wink: )

Be warned tho, it is very addictive here :D, there is so much to see and the best part is someone else is usually doing all the weeding!

Looking forward to seeing your garden...

head gardener
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12 Jul '07 8:08 am
Hi Patricia,
I know that stand and stare trick - except that I deliberately squint my eyes. It makes things look so much better!

Welcome to the forums, sorry I haven't replied before now. Post some pictures of your garden, of you like!
Head Gardener

Home gardener & plant fetishist
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Berkeley, California, USA

Stark, staring mad?

12 Jul '07 5:13 pm
Welcome Patricia and greetings from California. Of course I know what you mean by the staring that goes into fine gardening. It can be so taxing too, but well someone has to do it. Before I put in my circular lawn I used to spin in circles in the middle of the opening between what was becoming garden beds and try to imagine how large I could make it and precisely where the center should go. (I only did this trick after dark, so as to save the neighbors the bother of having me committed.)
Mark in California

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A: "All the time until the urge to 'play' some more becomes too strong."

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Lillooet, BC, Canada

Welcome from Canada!

27 Jul '07 11:41 am
Hi, Patricia, and welcome to the forum! Like the others, I know about that "staring" thing, as I did a lot of it while planning my garden, too, and, in fact, I still do it while wondering how I can crowd more into "this" area or "that" corner!

Also, I wonder about how your weather is treating you, having heard first about the drought and then about flooding! It seems as if we're all struggling with strange weather this year, eh?

Do come on back and let us know more about what you're doing and how your garden is progressing!


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queensland australia

hello patricia

6 Aug '07 6:05 pm
i live sunshine coast qld ,feel sorry for you down there in the hunter,i gave up just staring at a space,now i forget what i was trying to do , i am trying to ease down but was out this am tidying the veg garden after the frost almost finished our double drivway and edges,will put on some pics one day when i remember how .you will love the forums

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