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South Louisiana

Hello from New Orleans Louisiana

14 Feb '07 12:17 am
Hi Im Angela and Ive been on Garden Web and another Forum. I have been looking for a group of diverse rose fanatics..(Im not addicted!)
I lived in New Orleans prior to Katrina deciding that my house looked better as kindling. We have since moved to another area about 100 miles outside of New Orleans and bought a new house. I have tons of grass to carve up (rubbing hands and laughing evilly). Ive got notebooks full of design plans. I went to college for Architecture for 2 years and switched my major to Marketing and Finance. Ive been doing Corporate Collections up until Katrina. Now I do landscaping...much more enjoyable.
My long term goal is to build a green house, Im looking into classes for Master Gardener and Horticulture...would love to have a nursery.
Im 34 years old with 2 kids...Mikel is 10 presently and my daughter is 15 going on 38.
Glad to have found this group and cant wait to get to know them. If anyone is interested they are free to Email,IM, or what ever. Im not shy and would welcome any advice, yapping or good old gossipin.. :o :lol:
Thanks Moosey for allowing me to join the group!
May we all take the time to stop and smell the roses..if we dont then why do we grow them?

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