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Waikato-New Zealand

Waikato ers

8 May '07 2:43 pm
Hi Jules !
You have got me curious now !
Both Te Aroha and Cambridge are 15 mins from here -
We visited NSW quite a few years ago as guests of the Illawarra cattle breeders -staying mainly on dairy farms around Nowra and the South coast areas -absolutely LOVED it ,but were the butt of lots of 'Snake' jokes !
Welcome, and look forward to seeing your new Aussie garden .

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Waikato-New Zealand

Te Aroha

8 May '07 7:55 pm
I travelled to Te Aroha (mountain of love)this morning.
Waikato fog just lifted above the mountain.
Te Aroha 001001.JPG
Te Aroha

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Walcha NSW

Hi Dixie.

12 May '07 10:30 pm
Spent most of my life, Wardville, Walton for years and Matamata. Moved to Aus for 7, then back to Mtm for 10. To the US for a couple of years then NZ now Auss. :D

Te Aroha is lovely .

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Berkeley, California, USA

Belated welcome to Pusslil and Julesoz from California.

14 May '07 6:08 am
Hi and welcome. Pusslil, I look forward to seeing more photos from both your old and current gardens. I have enjoyed this site very much and am sure you will too.
Mark in California

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Waikato-New Zealand

Waikato from the air

28 May '07 9:05 am
Yes,I do know where Walton is .A lovely rolling country area.
I thought I would put some photos of our place in the Waikato here.This is typical Waikato.
The first is of our country home.Our land of 37acres is a wedge shape.You can see it because it is greener than the neighbours. The road is in the foreground and our house is down the left driveway ,surrounded by huge trees .Other neighbours farm(who spray ) are right alongside our house.
The mountains in the background are the Kaimais .Over the other side of the mountains is the Bay of Plenty and the Pacific ocean .Walton and Matamata -Pusslil and Jules would be over on the far right of the area.
Aerial photos.jpg
Our farm with Kaimai ranges in background
Aerial photos 002.jpg
Our house


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