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Waikato-New Zealand


23 Oct '06 12:30 pm
I have just been catching up on all the forum news .Yes Welcome ,Anna ...We're neighbours ! I live just out of Morrinsville ,but was born and raised in Hamilton. There are lots of blocks of similar size around Rotokauri - is that where you are ? The contour is beautiful .I hope you get time to read all the entries from the regular contributors ,as their work is so inspiring .The walled gardens of 'Muddy Wellies 'and the creative genius of 'Garden Gnome '.. 'Gooses' block would interest you too , as she has a beautifully landscaped setting too .I liked your tree garden at Ngaruawahia .Your plantings were sympathetic to the house style ,and I'm sure your new place will be wonderful too .
Best Wishes
Dixie (now Home )

Gone to seed
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Hamilton, New Zealand

24 Oct '06 1:52 pm
Thank you for the welcome. I think I'm settling in. :)

I live about halfway between Hamilton and Morrinsville, in Eureka. It's fairly flat where we are. No nice contours I'm afraid.
Across the road is another story. We're across the way from a 'posh subdivision' and they literally 'look down on us'. :D
I'm trying my best to not 'lower the tone of the neighbourhood', but it's early days yet. :lol:


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