Sonic Boom at Mooseys

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Sonic Boom at Mooseys

13 Sep '06 7:32 am
I wasn`t sure which was the appropriate place for the announcement to the world in general that the main item of news yesterday (Tuesday) was the low flying meteorite over Mooseys ,complete with sonic BOOM ! The news helicopter went up to trace its path ,and headed towards an area of smoke to investigate ,but decided it was just someone in the countryside burning something - Was that you Moosey that got on TV with your bonfire ??

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Meteoric Journey

17 Sep '06 7:30 am
Ha! I was on my shiny blue bicycle, biking on the newly laid rail trail which runs from Motukarara to Little River. Head down, bandana over mouth to stop the blasted lake flies flying in, heart rate going along nicely, legs pumping gently.

Boom! went the meteor as it hit the ground. But the body rhythms of a semi-aging, cycling gardener could not be broken. Speech with my cycling friend was impossible (insects). I remember thinking - army exercise? - looked up at the long shimmering straight causeway and the swirling black clouds of flies, then put my head down immediately!

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