Belgravia Square - found!

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Belgravia Square - found!

11 Feb '06 9:30 am
It was NOT so difficult, finally...I guess, I was rather tired the first time I was searching..

I went to Home, and then insisted again on English Gardens! And here ,in the English Gardens Tours, here are the English Squares,too. Belgravia Gardens are the first...

But, dear Dixie, thanks to you, I discovered wonderful things in the Links section! Thank you again!
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11 Feb '06 10:43 am
Thanks for letting us know --the curious among us were intrigued .I`m on my way now to visit Belgravia gardens.

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Camberwell, London

Belgravia Gardens

14 Mar '06 2:07 am
Hi Liza and Dixie -

I'm glad you found our article on Belgravia Gardens. It really is such a beautiful typical London square.

The main site's search function should be able to help you find a page. Go to any page on the main site (homepage link on the top left of each forum page), and type your search term into the box beneath Taj-dog's nose on the bottom right.

Or just ask here and I promise to answer quicker next time!!

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