Magazine: "25 beautiful gardens"-where to buy??

6 Jun '12 5:47 am
Hello!! :D

Please anyone could help me:
I am looking for issues of the "25 beautiful gardens" magazine. :)
Where I can find/buy some?
Thanks! [-o< [-o<
With kind regards.

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Re: Magazine: "25 beautiful gardens"-where to buy??

6 Jun '12 1:27 pm
I have a funny feeling that this magazine has stopped being published. I haven't checked to see if it's true, but another gardening reader told me this. Maybe? Sorry I can't help. Cheers, M
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Fraser Valley, BC, Canada

Re: Magazine: "25 beautiful gardens"-where to buy??

8 Jun '12 7:52 am
I think you may be right Moosey. I just did a pretty thorough search on the internet and there's nothing recent. What a shame! I'm currently getting Gardener's World which is really helpful. It was a gift from a relative in the Isle of Man. Beautiful, great information, but very expensive for a subscription outside the UK.

Sorry I couldn't find 25 Beautiful Gardens though.

Hope you get through the snow soon..... rain here as usual.

Fraser Valley, British Columbia

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