4 Apr '11 7:06 pm

I don't have a green house. I'm thinking of making one by building a frame, but instead of standard glass or a kit type, I would like to then use reclaimed glass, old windows (tasteful of course). Does anyone have any pictures of this sort of thing, or dos and don'ts, etc.


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Re: Greenhouse

4 Apr '11 10:16 pm
I think that's a really great idea. A friend of mine has built one such, and because of the shape of the recycled windows used it ended up being l-shaped. It's a delightful space to work in. I've also seen bay windows used to create a non-rectangular glasshouse. cheers, M
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Re: Greenhouse

5 Apr '11 8:08 am
Aha! Yes! This is my plan also. :D

I have got so far as to collect the windows and door. The windows are a set of several old double hung sashes and the door is also old with amber glass inserts at the top. The glasshouse/potting shed will be in an old-world style that suits our Victorian house. I would love to have the lower part of the walls (beneath the windows) done in old red bricks but instead I'll use weatherboards. It will have a pitched iron roof and small porch (no step though) with some little verandah frillies like the house. When I get a minute, I'll rumage around for some of the photos that inspired me.

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