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3 Aug '09 3:35 pm
:oops: .....did I mention that technology is not my strong suit?? Now all I have to figure out is how to reduce my pixels.....hmmmm, bet it's not as easy as it sounds....if at first you don't succeed, keep on truckin'....any advice on how to accomplish this feat? Not the truckin', the reducing pixels.....



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If you're on a MAC ..

4 Aug '09 8:34 am
In my iphoto program I can choose "export" photos. Then it asks for which format and I choose JPEG. It allows me to choose the number of pixels at that time too. I aim for 600 by 800 which always fits here. Then it asks where I want it sent. I usually use a temporary file to send them to just for my shrunken size photos. After I've used them to make a post here, I just throw the temporary file out.

If, as is more likely, you don't have a MAC, perhaps there would be similar choices and sequences involved in the program you do use. As a total internet clutz it is indeed odd for me to be offering help. Then again, if you're struggling maybe my perspective and experience will be more accessible for you.

Good luck!
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4 Aug '09 3:25 pm
Mark, appreciate your information, and you're correct that there's no MAC in my future; also you speak of being a total internet clutz; afraid i'll have to usurp your title as my CLUTZINESS surpasses yours....don't generally like taking titles from folks who have worked hard to obtain them, but you sir, are being de-throned....and if i can't figure this out, it may stay with me for a long where's that rule/instruction borrow Moosey's favorite phrase......Aarrrggghhhhh!! Well, now....onward and upward....had to work today and also tomorrow and wednesday so it will be thursday before i really get an opportunity to delve deeply into the pixil problem....geez, i hope the wait will be worth it when i do conquer this problem......and i believe your advice is going to lead me to the solution....many thanks,


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6 Aug '09 6:28 pm
Hi Kendel, ad welcome to the forums!

If your computer runs on Microsoft Office software, as most of us poor unfortunates in the world use, then it will include Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Round about the middle of the taskbar at the top, if you open your picture files with this program, you will find the heading 'Picture'. This allows you to adjust the pic in a great many ways and it is worth exploring the various possibilities - lighter, darker, contrast, saturation - and size!

If you do not have any form of picture managing software, then there are free programs you can download or you can buy a picture management package. If you right click on the photo it will give you the option 'Open with' and if you move your cursor over 'Open with' it will give you a list of the possible programs. That is where you will find MO Picture Manager, or any other program you have installed. Not all programs (e.g. 'Paint' and 'Windows Picture and Fax Viewer') give you these options.

Good luck!

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