Silver Queen plants


Silver Queen plants

23 Jan '08 4:59 pm
My daughter has had trouble locating a silver queen plant. I've looked on all of the web sites and this is the only place that seems to know what I'm looking for. If anyone could give me information on where I might find this plant to buy for her, I would greatly appreciate it! It's sometimes called Aglaonema Christina, or Chinese Evergreen/Silver Queen. I've noticed it in many hospital lobbys and businesses, but I can't seem to locate a place that sells it! Please, someone help me! Thanks, Janese

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Waikato-New Zealand

Silver queen

23 Jan '08 8:18 pm
This is a plant that I have not heard of,but it sounds beautiful.Someone here will know.
What country do you live in Janese?

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24 Jan '08 3:11 am
It's a houseplant if you don't live in Hawaii or a similar clime. Apparently it's 'Silver Queen' is a cultivar of Aglaonema that has been around and popular for 20 or 30 years. Here is one source for it on line: ... a/p_8.html
but boy it looks expensive. I found it by typing "Aglaonema 'Silver Queen' for sale" into google. I'm sure if you do the same and check more entries you could do better pricewise. Good luck.
Mark in California

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