1 Dec '07 12:25 am
put a 55 gallon drum on the wheels of an upsidedown wheelchair. It rolls so easy. Then I cut a 12" x 12" hole in the middle of the drum. I put hinges and a hasp on the piece I cut out to make a door for loading the leaves, kitchen scraps, etc. Next I drilled about 20 1/2" holes in the bottom and in the removable lid about 6" from the edge so the liquid won't leak out. I rotate it every day, sometimes twice a day. When it's ready to empty I just roll a wheelbarrow under the edge of the barrel, remove the lid and rake the compost in the wheelbarrow, put the lid back on, put the ring back on the lid, tighten it up and start all over again.

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24 Dec '07 7:51 pm
i was always digging mine straight into the ground .then i started to put it into a surround of sheet metal ,now i bought a compost bin that has the opening and lids on both ends i was very surprised the other day when i turned it as i do every second day ,to see my black male poodle standing underneath letting the smelly drips land on his back give him a terrible pong , he thought it was wonderful ,next a bath

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